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Monomeric proteins do not contain a
A. Primary structure
B. Secondary structure
C. Tertiary structure
D. Quaternary structure
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Which of the following can be a function for intrinsically disordered Protein sequences?
A high specificity binding to other proteins
B Cell signaling through covalent modification of the protein sequence
C tethering to hold interacting proteins in close proximity
D Formation of a diffusion barrier from a dance network of such sequences
E All of the above
3 things that make us believe mitochondria where bacteriaTheir size 1x2 ; cardiolipin which is found in bacteria; tightly packed and circular DNA without intronstelemoraseExtends the length of linear chromosomesClosed compact form of chromatinHeterochromatinThe open form of chromatinEuchromatinHeteroplasmyA mixture of mutant and wild type dnaTheory that proposes modern mitochondria came from respiratory active bacteriaEndosymbiotic theoryThe largest group of transposable SINE elementsAlu 1,100,000In nucleosomes at the centromere histone H3 is replaced byCENP-ABecause of truncations the average size of a human LINE element is900bpLINE's areNon LTR retrotansposonsWhat do you need to replicate a circular chromosomecentromeres, replication origin, TelomeresLysine methylationLeads to a more condensed structure due to the stabilization of the positive lysine chargeLysine AcetylationNeutralizes the positive charge of lysine and leads to a more open structurePhosphorylationLeads to a more open structure due to the addition of a negative charge repelling DNA and its negative chargeUbiquitinationWhen a large molecule up to 76bp added to the lysine doesn't allow for condensing and leads to a more open structureMicro satellites are known asShort tandem repeats