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Unit 1 Psychology's history and approaches

an early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the structural elements of a human mind
looking inward
is anything an organism does that can be observed and recorded
the science of behavior and mental processes
a school of psychology that focused on how our mental and behavioral processes funtion-- how they enable us to adapt, survive ,and flouish
evolutionary psycology
the study of the roots of behavior and mental processes using the principles of naural selection
social psychologists
exploring how we view and affect one another
natural selection
nature selects the traits that best enable an organism to survive annd reproduce in paticularenviroment
the view that knowledge originates in experience that science should, therefore,rely on observation and experimentation
the scientific study of measurement of human abilities , attitudes, and traits
developmental psychologists
studying our changing abilities from womb to tomb
a branch of medicine dealing with psychological; practiced by phyicians who often give drugs
psychodynamic psychology
a branch of psychology that studies how unconscious drives and conflicts infuence behavior uses that info to treat people with psyhological disorders
counseling psychologists
a brance of psychology that asssisst people with problems i n living and archeving greater well being
industrial organizational psychologists
the apllication of psychological concepts and methods to optimizing human behavior in workplaces
basic research
pure science that aims to increase the scientific knowledge base
human factors psychologists
a branch of psychology that explores how people and machines interact and how many machines and physical enviroments can be made safe and easy to use
applied research
scientific study that aims to solve practical problems
the scientific study of all the mental activites associates with thinking, knowing,remembering and commnicating
biological psychologists
exploring the links b/w brain and mind
biopsychsocial approach
biological, psychological , and scoial cultural levels and analysis
cognitive psychologists
experimenting with how we perceive think and solve problems
the scientific study of observable behavior
a brance of psychology concerned with the links b/w biology anf behavior
behavioral psychology
the scientific study of observable behavior, and its explanation of principles of learning
experimental psycologists
who explore and thinking with experiments
mental processes
are the internal subjective expereinces we infer from behavior - sensations , perceptions, dreams, thought , beliefs and feelings
nature nurture issue
someone innate qualities vs. personal expriences
clinical psychologists
a branch of psychology that studies, assesses and treat people with psycological disorders.