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Glasgow Coma Scale

A neurological scale which provides an objective method to record the conscious state of a person.

Score Sum

The highest total GCS = 15 (Fully Conscious Person)
The lowest total GCS= 3 (Deep coma or death)

Best Eye Response (E)
Eyes Opening spontaneously

= 4

Eyes Opening to speech

= 3

Best Eye Response (E)
Eyes Opening in response to pain

= 2

No Eye opening

= 1

Best Verbal Response (V)
Oriented to name, age, location, reason, time, month,etc.

= 5

Confused (patient response to questions coherently but there is some disorientation & confusion)

= 4

Inappropriate words (random speech but not conversational)

= 3

Incomprehensible sounds (moaning but no words)

= 2

Best Motor Response (M)
Obeys commands (does simple things as asked)

= 6

Localizes to pain (purposeful movement towards pain)

= 5

Withdraws from pain (pulls part of body away)

= 4

Flexion in response to pain (decorticate response)

= 3

Extension to pain (decerebrate response)

= 2

No motor response

= 1

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