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means "library" Originally scrolls, Torah and others. SCripture. The collection of all the canonical books.


the list of inspired books. Greek for "measuring rod"


Means "to assemble" and "universal"; it can describe the Church or one of her members


Means "synagogue" and "congregatonal worship" The faithful. This can refer to the Roman Catholic Church or an individual dioecese


Between superior to inferior. An agreement that establishes a sacred family bond between persons. A covenant is more than a contract; a contract establishes a temporary relationship beneficial to both parties, whereas this is intended to bind both persons in kinship forever.


"not always scientific truth" making no mistakes or errors. Scripture is nierrant; that is, it always teaches truth, never falsehood.


incapable of ailing. The Bible and the teaching of the Church are infallible because of a special protection by God


guided by God. From a word meaning "breathed in"


"the Pope and curium" The teaching authority of the Church which guided by the Holy Spirit interprets Scripture and tradition


"means to protest" A Christian not in communion with the Church

Salvation history

the story of God's plan to save humanity from the consequences of sin. This plan begins with Creation, is unfolding now, and will continue until the end of time


"sacred writing"


the living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church


"fullness of time" to complete or accomplish totally


"identity" the study of ancestry. a list of someone's ancestors"


In Hebrew, the Torah. a rule of conduct enforced in a society

Old Testament

Tenach. The fory six books of Scripture written by Israelites before the coming of Jesus Christ


Torah. The first five books of the Old Testament. From the Greek word for "five"


Manifestation by God. One who speaks the message of God to the people.


an event or person in Scripture that points forward to a later event or person. Has similar virtues or other qualities as its fulfillment


study of types in Scripture.

Wisdom Literature

A style of Hebrew literature that meditates on important truths.It's "how to be successful and the problems of evil"

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