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  1. What is public policy?
  2. What is a law?
  3. What is informing and activating supporters in terms of political parties?
  4. What is the bipartisan way?
  5. What are some of the different minor parties?
  1. a each party informs the people how they think they should be informed
  2. b the course of action which the government takes in response to some need or concern
  3. c a set of rules and standards by which a society governs itself
  4. d 2 parties find common ground
  5. e libertarian, reform, socialist, prohibition, natural lawo, communist, american indepenent, and green

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  1. legislative, executive and judicial
  2. holds beliefs that fall between liberal and conservative views and usually include some of both
  3. party that controls the executive branch of government
  4. the ability to command or prevent action
  5. they enable decisions of who reaps benefits and who pays the cost of public policy

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  1. What are econonomic protest parties?those that have split away from one of the major parties


  2. What is a radical?favors extreme change to create an altered or entirely new social system


  3. How does the government maintain social order?authoritative figures who exercise power and control people


  4. What is a minor party?aone political party without wide voter support


  5. What are splinter parties?those that have split away from one of the major parties


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