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  1. What is a coalition?
  2. What is a moderate?
  3. What does the government need to carry out public policy?
  4. What is nominating a candidate?
  5. What is an example of mass media?
  1. a selecting a candidate to present to voters
  2. b internet magazines radio
  3. c temporary alliance of several groups
  4. d holds beliefs that fall between liberal and conservative views and usually include some of both
  5. e power

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  1. taxes, welfare, banks, money in general, and the federal reserve
  2. things that the government decides sto do
  3. because our economies developed differently than those who were mainly industrialized.
  4. based on a particular set of beliefs
  5. they have a major impact on views of a higher number of people and a higher content/discretion of public policy

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  1. What isi a pluralistic ociety?a group of persons who seekk to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office


  2. What is public policy?general concern and interest of the higher portion of the people


  3. What aer an example of economic systems?communism, socialism, capitalism


  4. What are the 3 basic government policies?legislative, executive and judicial


  5. How did government come about?because people couldnt survive without regulation of behavior