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  1. What is plurality
  2. What are the 3 basic government policies?
  3. What type of economic system does the united states have?
  4. What are examples of peer groups?
  5. What is a democracy?
  1. a legislative, executive and judicial
  2. b friends, classmates, neighbors
  3. c the power rests with the majority of the people
  4. d the largest # of votes cast for office
  5. e capitalism

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  1. party that controls the executive branch of government
  2. believes that government must take action to change economic, political, and idealogical policies thought to be unfair
  3. democrat and republican
  4. favors extreme change to create an altered or entirely new social system
  5. the course of action which the government takes in response to some need or concern

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  1. What are peer groups?made up of people with whom one regularly associates


  2. What are public policies?things that the government decides sto do


  3. What are bonding agent functions?ensuring the good performance of candidates and officers


  4. What is nominating a candidate?selecting a candidate to present to voters


  5. What are single issue parties?focus on only one public party matter