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  1. How does the government provide for the common defense and welfare?
  2. What is the party in power?
  3. What are idealogical parties?
  4. What do parties do?
  5. What is a moderate?
  1. a modify and encourage compromise, nominate candidates, inform and activate supporters, bonding agents
  2. b party that controls the executive branch of government
  3. c based on a particular set of beliefs
  4. d holds beliefs that fall between liberal and conservative views and usually include some of both
  5. e military, homeland security, FBI, fema, and border control

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  1. taxes, defense, education, crime, healthcare, transportation, environment, civil rights, and work conditions
  2. internet magazines radio
  3. friends, classmates, neighbors
  4. what the government wants to do
  5. the largest # of votes cast for office

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  1. What are public policies?things that the government decides sto do


  2. What must political systems figure out in order for a society to prosper?they must figure out how to function because if not then it leads to chaos


  3. What is informing and activating supporters in terms of political parties?democrat and republican


  4. What is power?the ability to command or prevent action


  5. What is the bipartisan way?2 parties find common ground