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  1. What is partisanship?
  2. What does a spoiler role mean?
  3. What is education?
  4. What are some of the different minor parties?
  5. What are the 2 main political parties?
  1. a a system to pass along information and knowledge
  2. b democratic and republican
  3. c strong suppor of party and its political stands
  4. d libertarian, reform, socialist, prohibition, natural lawo, communist, american indepenent, and green
  5. e if a minor party doesnt win, it can pull votes from one of the major parties

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  1. several different cultures or groups
  2. ensuring the good performance of candidates and officers
  3. focus on only one public party matter
  4. the course of action which the government takes in response to some need or concern
  5. what the government wants to do

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  1. What is a public made up of??general concern and interest of the higher portion of the people


  2. What is the legislative?they make laws


  3. What does public policy cover?taxes, defense, education, crime, healthcare, transportation, environment, civil rights, and work conditions


  4. What is a society?a group of people who interact in defined territory and share a culture


  5. What are some of the public services that the government provides?libraries, public transportation, public schools, postal services, and highways and roads