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  1. What were the first 2 political parties?
  2. What type of economic system does the united states have?
  3. What do politics enable?
  4. What is public policy?
  5. What is religion?
  1. a democrat and republican
  2. b the course of action which the government takes in response to some need or concern
  3. c they enable decisions of who reaps benefits and who pays the cost of public policy
  4. d capitalism
  5. e a belief of philosophy to believein

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  1. they must figure out how to function because if not then it leads to chaos
  2. rooted in economic periods of unrest
  3. a system where several major and many lesser parties exist, compete, and win elections
  4. how those people of the society get their wants and needs
  5. focus on only one public party matter

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  1. What are public policies?things that the government decides sto do


  2. What is nominating a candidate?selecting a candidate to present to voters


  3. What is a minor party?aone political party without wide voter support


  4. What is a liberal?favors extreme change to create an altered or entirely new social system


  5. What happens with our electorl system?a singlel member of a district contests where only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot