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  1. What are the main reasons why governments are created?
  2. How does the government provide for the common defense and welfare?
  3. What are public policies?
  4. What is plurality
  5. What is an example of mass media?
  1. a military, homeland security, FBI, fema, and border control
  2. b maintain social order, provide public services, provide for common defense and welfare, and regulate and control the economic system
  3. c the largest # of votes cast for office
  4. d things that the government decides sto do
  5. e internet magazines radio

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  1. party that controls the executive branch of government
  2. if a minor party doesnt win, it can pull votes from one of the major parties
  3. those that have split away from one of the major parties
  4. aone political party without wide voter support
  5. each party informs the people how they think they should be informed

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  1. How do historic events effect the people?because people couldnt survive without regulation of behavior


  2. What are some of the public services that the government provides?democrat and republican


  3. What is an opinion leader?any person who has a strong infuence on the opinion of others


  4. What is a social institution?big concepts that all societies develop


  5. What is a society?a group of people who interact in defined territory and share a culture


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