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Sociology final: Racial inequality


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to deprive a person of the right to vote
de jure segregation
segregation by court order
social role
set of connected behaviors, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualized by people in a social situation
collective bargaining
negotiating to determine hours and wages
groups that the FBI felt were a threat to social order, they targeted civil rights, people, union groups
Ludlow Massacre
strike related killings at Ludlow, CO on April 20, 1914. A coal miner strike where workers attempted to improve wages and working conditions to stop numerous abuses
American Exceptionalism
the theory that the US is different from other nations
Lawrence Textile strike
Massachusetts immigrants and 51 different nationalities the whole town of Lewis went on strike to reveal the bad conditions about the place
type of social movement organization that relies on high level of membership participation to promote social change. It lacks a hierarchy structure and works through existing political structures to promote social change
shape up
you show up every day but you don't know if you have a job
to stop buying or using the goods of a certain company as a protest
general strike
everyone in the the city agrees to stop working
sit-down strike
protestors occupy an area they are not wanted by sitting down there and not moving
direct action
the use of strikes or other public forms of protest rather than negotiation
non-violent civil disobedience
protests, demonstrations, strikes
speed up
work was sped up with fewer employees and caused injuries/accidents
social dislocation
breakdown in routinization
cognitive liberation
increased sense of political efficacy among aggrieved population, have to be convinced that there is a chance for success
social strain
social change/event: "pressure that forces disruption", an event undermining the normal functions of institutions
a person or group that is formed to take the blame for something that isn't their fault
police militarization
police are getting machines from the military
conventional wisdoms
body of ideas or explanations generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in a field
progressive social movements
political force that wants reform in the government and government policy
EX: civil rights movement, free speech movement, consumer safety movement, united farm workers, gay rights movement , occupational safety and health, anti-vietnam war movement, environmental movement, american indian movement, welfare rights movement, feminist movement, students for a democratic society
institutions of social control examples
education: teaches half truths and lies to get you to know and believe what the elite wants you to believe