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Coding Chapter 2 - ICD-9-CM Punctuation Marks

Parentheses ( )
Enclose words that do not affect code assignment: Arteriosclerosis (obliterans) (senile)
Square brackets [ ]
Enclose information that does not affect code assignment: Arteriosclerotic heart disease [ASHD]
Identify fifth digits associated with a specific code:
715.0 Osteoarthritis, generalized [0,4,9]
Slanted square [ ] brackets
Enclose the manifestation code associated with an underlying condition:
Anthrax, with pneumonia 022.1 [484.5]
Identify required descriptions of exclusion and inclusion notes:
528.0 Stomatis and mucositis (ulcerative)
Excludes: stomatis:
acute necrotizing ulcerative (107)
aphthous (528.2.)
{ and double braces}
528.4 Cysts
Dermoid cyst } of mouth
Epidermoid cyst
Section marks §
§662 Long labor
Prolonged first stage