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by maybeitscamille


1) Nature of the Act
2) Intention of the Agent
3) Circumstances

-as a moral reality is an attitude, action or a failure to act, or the force that leads to evil
-never just a private, individualistic thing.

Alienation due to Sin

True Selves (intrapersonal)
Neighbors (interpersonal)
Larger Community (Societal)

Real Sin

-is not a "chance slip"
-has roots that involve the objective moral order and our fundamental moral chance.

Structure of Sin

Personal Sin
Structural Sin
Social Sin

Degree of Sin

Mortal Sin
Grave Sin
Venial Sin

Mortal Sin
(Degree of Sin)

-Sins committed that destroys the human soul
-Lead to spiritual death (i.e. murder, fornication, suicide, violation of the Decalogue)

Grave Sin
(Degree of Sin)

-Considered grievous because of the gravity of the harm inflicted on the person
-Can lead to mortal sin because it is self-destructive (i.e. sexual abuse, physical harm)

Venial Sin
(Degree of Sin)

-Ordinary sins that we usually commit
-Harm by undermining the favor of a life of charity, hence, gradually leads to mortal sins

Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

There is an inner link between rejecting God and rejecting ourselves.

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