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He, too, was sorry that, owing to her ________, he had not observed her; and, with that in his mind, he left the pasture...It could not be helped, and turning, and bending himself into a rapid walk, he dismissed the subject from his mind
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He had never before seen a woman's lips and teeth which forced upon his mind with such persistent iteration the old Elizabethan simile of ______. Perfect, he as a lover might have called them off-hand. But no—they were not perfect. And it was the touch of the imperfect upon the would-be perfect that gave the sweetness, because it was that which gave humanity.
his heart had outrun his _______judgementFeeling had indeed smothered ______that day. → Angel thinking about declaring his love to Tess. There is a continued battle between head and heart in this phase for all.judgementDespite his heterodoxy Clare was a man with a conscience. Tess was no _____ to toy with and dismiss; but a woman living her precious life - a life which, to herself who endured or enjoyed it, possessed as great a dimension as the life of the mightiest to himself.insignificant creatureHe loved her; ought he to ___ her? Dared he to ____ her? What would his mother and his brothers say? What would he himself say a couple of years after the event?marry(Angel) A prig would have said that he had lost culture, and a prude that he had become ______. Such was the contagion of domiciliary fellowship with the Talbothays nymphs and swains → Classical mythology (semi-divine maidens inhabiting nature)coarse(Angel's brothers) When Wordsworth was enthroned they carried _____; and when Shelley was belittled they allowed him to grow dusty on their shelves.pocket copies(Angel to his dad) He said that fate or Providence had thrown in his way a woman who possessed every qualification to be the helpmate of an _______, and was decidedly of a serious turn of mindagriculturist(Angel to his dad) 'She's brim full of ______ - actualized _________, if I may use the expression. She lives what paper-poets only write'poetry(Angel to his dad) 'And she is an unimpeachable ______'Christian(Angel) his ______ would not fit the round hole that had been prepared for him.squareness'O, Tessy!' he went on, 'I cannot think why you are so tantalizing. Why do you disappoint me so? You seem almost like a _____, upon my life you do - a ______ of the first urban water! They blow hot and blow cold, just as you do; and it is the very last sort of thing to expect to find in a retreat like Talbothays → Compared to a artificial city-bred coquette (a link to Angel's past)coquette(Angel about Tess' lineage) Society is hopelessly snobbish, and this fact of your extraction may make an appreciable difference to its acceptance of you as my wife, after I have made you the well-read woman that I mean to make you. My mother too, poor soul, will think so much better of you on account of it. Tess, you must spell your name _______ - D'Urberville - from this very day.'correctlyShe was agitated. 'Now then, Mistress Teresa D'Urberville, I have you. Take my name, and so you will escape yours! The_____ is out, so why should you any longer refuse me?'secretThe horrible sense of his view of her so ______ her that she staggered.deadened(about divorce) "I hoped you would not; yet I believed, without a doubt, that you could cast me off if you were determined, and didn't love me at -at -all!" "You were ______," he said coldly.mistakenShe broke into sobs, and turned her back to him. It would almost have won round ______ but Angel Clare.any manhe stood still and murmured, in tones of indescribable sadness - "______"Dead! dead! dead!rolled her in the sheet as in a _____. Then lifting her from the bed with as much respect as one would show to a dead body in such circumstances, he carried her across the room, murmuring - "My poor, poor Tess - my dearest, darling Tess!"shroudAt this moment he was lying ill of fever in the clay lands near Curitibia in Brazil, having been drenched with thunderstorms and persecuted by other hardships, in common with all the English farmers and farm-labourers who, just at this time, were _____ into going thither by the Brazilian government.deludedMY OWN _____, - Let me call you so - I must - even if it makes you angry to think of such an unworthy wife as I.husbandI must cry to you in my trouble - I have no one else! I am so exposed to _____, Angel.temptationBut, Angel, please, please, not to be just - only a little kind to me, even if I do not deserve it. and come to me! If you would come, I could die in your _____!armsWho was the ______ man? Still more pertinently, who was the _____ woman?moralClare had been harsh towards her; there is no doubt of it. Men are too often harsh with women they _______;love or have lovedYou could see the _____ behind the man, and almost the ghost behind the ________.skeletonthe tenderness towards Tess which her blood, her simplicity, even her poverty, had not engendered, was instantly excited by her _____. (Clare parents' changing attitude to Tess)sin"I know her better than you do." (Angel to Joan) "That's very likely, sir; for I have never really _____ her." (Joan's reply)knownMere ______ that he was now he felt the contrast between them, and thought his appearance distasteful to her.yellow skeletonAh - it is my fault!' said Clare. But he could not get on. Speech was as inexpressive as silence. A few instants passed, and he found that Tess was ______.gone'Let her finish her _____!' he implored in a whisper of the men, as they gathered round.sleepThey moved on _______, and never spoke a word, the drooping of their heads bring that of Giotto's Two Apostles (reference to Jesus' disciples after his sacrifice)hand in hand