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Connective Tissue I and II

Spindle-shaped principle cell of the connective tissue
cells to store fat. big empty white spaces in H&E stain.
brown fat
fat that produces heat. Oily droplets in cell instead of one big space as in white fat.
What special stain is used for mast cells?
toluine blue
appearance of neutrophils
They like "neutral" colors. Segmented nuclei to make squeezing through tissue easier.
appearance of eosinophils
2 lobed nuclei, like bug eyes.
appearance of lymphocytes
"halo" of cytoplasm, huge nucleus. purple dots.
appearance of plasma cells
Nucleus and golgi give a "slipper" appearance.
appearance of macrophages
"big eaters", these are larger than most surrounding cells. Will have things they are snarfing in their cytoplasm. Oval nuclei with apparent nucleolus.
Type I Collagen
Dense stuff. Bone, skin, tendons.
Type II Collagen
Type III Collagen
Reticulin. Wound repair, skin, vessels, lymph organs.
Type IV Collagen
Basement membrane
Prolyl Hydroyxlases
Creates affinities in collagen
Collagen formation requires what vitamens/minerals?
Vitamen C, Fe2+
Lysyl Oxidase
Crosslinks collagen. Impairment creates super estic skin.
Appearance of elastin?
Small strands, stains dark. Unstretched has a wavy appearance.
Long polysaccarides (glycoaminoglycans) attached to a protein core. Wire brush appearance like used to clean test tubes.
2 functions of Glycoaminoglycans?
Provide support to an area, withstand compression
Adhesive protein of the basal lamina
What does fibronectin bind?
Binds integrins, other connective tissue proteins
What role do basal contacts play in apoptosis?
Cells that lack multiple contacts to the basal lamina via fibronectin may apoptose.
Loose Irregular Connective Tissue appearance and location
Fibroblasts go every which way. Found in tissue like nipple, arteries that undergo force from multiple directions
Reticular Connective Tissue locations
Found in soft organs like the liver, spleen, lymph nodes. Collagen "lite". Reticul- refers to the net created around cells.
Dense Regular Connective Tissue appearance/locations
Fibers aligned as force is in one or two directions only. Nuclei form little lines like a toy train.
Irregular Dense Connective Tissue appearance/locations
Found in tissue that needs protection from all different directions. Thick irregular fibers packed together.
Elastic Tissue appearance/location
Elastin is dark, wavy lines running parallel. Found in locations that need to spring back from mechanical stress