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RBC normal size

size of a lymphocyte nucleus


RBC which vary widely in size


RBCs that are small. can use lymphocyte nucleus for comparison

3 causes of microcytosis

(1) iron deficiency (2) thalassemia (3) sideroblastic anemia


large RBCs

6 causes of macrocytosis

(1)high reticulocyte num (2) B12/ folate def (3)liver disease (4)thyroid disease (5)chemo (6)AZT


RBC that have too little hemoglobin. area of central paller greater than 1/3 total diameter

how to measure hypochromasia



RBC that have more of a bluish tinge. are larger and prob reticulocytes


RBC vary widely in shape

Target cells

look like bulls-eyes

4 causes of Target cells

(1) liver diease (2) thalassemias (3) hemoglobin c (4) after splenectomy


RBCs lose central pallor

2 causes of Spherocytes

(1) hereditary spherocytosis (2) autoimmune hemolysis


RBC fragments with sharp edges

cause of schistocytes

Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia

Echinocytes (burr cells)

have small regular projections

cause of echinocytes

renal disease

acanthocytes (spur cells)

have larger irregular projections

cause of acanthocytes

liver diease

Teardrop cells

seen in myelophthisic processes (marrow infiltration diseases)

4 causes of teardrop cells

(1) Myelofibrosis (2)tumor mtastic to marrow (3)granulomatous diease (4) leukemia and lymphomas

Howell-Jolly Bodies

some round purple inclusions in RBCs. are nuclear remnants

Cause of Howell-Jolly Bodies

seen after splenectomy or in spenic hypofunction


linear arrangments of RBCs

causes of Rouleaux

high Ig (1) multiple myeloma (2) Waldenstrom's mcroglobulinemia (3) hypoalbuminemia


occurs when RBCs are coated with IgM

Iron Deficiency Anemia presentation

hypochromic, microcytic cells. high platelet numbers

Betha Thalassemia major presentation

(1) target cells (2) howell-jolly body (3) Nucleated red cell (4) schistocyte (5) basophilic stippling

Megaloblastic anemia presentation

macrocytic RBCs. Hypersegmented neutrophils

cause of hypersegmented neutrophils

Megaloblastic anemia

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA)

polychromasia microspherocytes

Components of CBC

hemoglobin, hematocrit, WBC, RBC, platelets, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW


average size of RBC. Indicates microcytosis (SIT) or macrocytosis (MAC BELT)


amound of hemoglobin in RBC. can indicate Hypochromasia


hemoglobin concentration


RBC distribution width. indicates Anisocytosis

normal MCV value


normal reticulocyte level



due to autoimmune hemolysis

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