Obstetrics: Pregnancy Overview

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embryo: week 1-week 10

fetus: week 11-birth

neonate: postpartum/after delivery
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A 15-year-old girl comes to the office for evaluation of amenorrhea. She reports that her last regular period started on April 26, 2020. On May 8, she experienced vaginal bleeding that lasted for one day. She had receptive vaginal intercourse with a male partner on May 9. Using Naegle's rule, what is her estimated due date?
A 19-year-old G0 presents to the clinic as a new patient complaining of nausea, vomiting, and malaise. She states that her last period was 11/20/2019. She is sexually active with multiple partners and uses condoms for contraception intermittently. Her last sexual encounter was on 12/25/19, but she states that she had more than 15 partners in the past 2 months. An office pregnancy test confirms that she is pregnant. Assuming regular periods, what is her estimated due date?
Gravida = # of pregnancies (regardless of outcome) Para = # of deliveries at 20 weeks + (does not include sp abortion) G6P3A 38-year-old woman comes to the office to initiate prenatal care after missing her period 5 weeks ago and having a positive home pregnancy test. Her past obstetric history includes the following: -Pregnancy 1: elective termination at 8 weeks gestation -Pregnancy 2: delivery of live infant male at 40+2 weeks -Pregnancy 3: delivery of live infant female at 38 weeks -Pregnancy 4: spontaneous abortion at 10 weeks -Pregnancy 5: delivery of live infant twins at 37+2 weeks Use the gravida-para shorthand to record her obstetric history.13 weeksWhen in gestation is human chorionic gonadotropin level the highest in a normally progressing pregnancy?should have 1st appointment by 10 weeks gestation 1st appt - 27 + 6 weeks = see every 4 weeks (T1 and T2) 28-34 weeks = see every 2 weeks (T3) 35 weeks + = see every week (T3)When should a pregnant patient have their first prenatal appointment by? How often should you see the patient after if the pregnancy is low risk?2 weeks after LMPWhen is conception?