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Theory of Transpersonal Caring/Theory of Human Caring/ The Caring Model

Jean Watson, 1979

The Caring Model

*emphasizes the humanistic aspects of nursing in combination with scientific knowledge
*theory is meant to bring meaning and focus to nursing as a distinct health profession

Jean Watson believes:

*"Caring" is an endorsement of professional nurse activity
*Medicine's identity is that of "caring"
*Florence Nightingale appeared to agree in her statement: "It is the surgeon who saves a person's is the nurse who helps this person live."

The nurse's role

*establish a caring relationship with patients
*treat patients as holistic beings- body, mind and spirit
*display unconditional acceptance
*treat patient with a positive regard
*display unconditional acceptance
*promote health through knowledge and intervention
*spend uninterrupted time with patients: "caring moments:

Watson defines interactions or "caring moments"

*the nurse and patient make contact
*The nurse enters the patient's room, "a feeling of expectation is created."

Watson believes that

*through the nurse's attitude and competence, a patient's world can become
*larger or smaller
*brighter or drab
*rich or dull
*threatening or secure

Caritas processes

restore love, compassion, and heart-centered spirit-t-spirit human intersubjective connections, for more meaningful and purposive practices and forms of inquiry. Experiential and intellectual experiences will be shared

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