Exam Review 9th grade Honors 1st sem Collections


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According to Quindlen, "slavery and sweatshops, the burning of crosses" illustrate America's (From A Quilt of a Country)
community and individualism
What are America's two "defining ideals" that are often in conflict? (From A Quilt of a Country)
Americans are the hardest working people on earth.
What conclusion do most Americans draw because of their "grudging fairness?" (From A Quilt of a Country)
America's varied population
What do the people who died at the World Trade Center represent? (From A Quilt of a Country)
People who are discordant are... (From A Quilt of a Country)
many cultural groups.
What does a pluralistic nation have? (From A Quilt of a Country)
blended together.
What does interwoven mean? (From A Quilt of a Country)
varied backgrounds.
A group's diversity refers to its members'.... (From A Quilt of a Country)
People from different cultures celebrated in different ways.
What point does Blaeser make by telling the story of the Memorial Day celebrations from her childhood? (From Rituals of Memory)
Native Americans taught their children by sharing memories.
What does Blaeser mean when she says, "As children, we were never so much taught as storied" (lines 78-79)? (From Rituals of Memory)
She learned German and the Anishinaabe language.
Why did Blaeser begin a "double life" when she started school? (From Rituals of Memory)
Innate qualities are... (From Rituals of Memory)
absorb it quickly.
If you immerse yourself in what you are reading, you... (From Rituals of Memory)
Nullified means... (From Rituals of Memory)
Tangibles are things that can be.... (From Rituals of Memory)
they will be attacked by the unemployed black people.
In the fairy tale, the husband and wife fear that... (From Once Upon a Time)
stop listening to the alarms.
Because burglar alarms are often set off by pet cats, people in the neighborhood... (From Once Upon a Time)
Actions motivated by extreme fear can be harmful.
What theme does Gordimer communicate through the ending of the fairy tale? (From Once Upon a Time)
When something distends, it gets.... (From Once Upon a Time)
What are intentions? (From Once Upon a Time)
When people act audaciously, they act... (From Once Upon a Time)
a break-in.
What is an intrusion? (From Once Upon a Time)
When an object is serrated, it is ..... (From Once Upon a Time)
to dedicate a ceremony.
What was Lincoln's primary purpose for delivering the Gettysburg Address? (From The Gettysburg Address)
so that the nation might live.
According to Lincoln, men gave their lives at Gettysburg.... (From The Gettysburg Address)
It builds forcefulness through repetition.
Which statement best describes the effect of the sentence "But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate-we cannot consecrate-we cannot hallow-this ground" (lines 10-11)? (From The Gettysburg Address)
Lincoln ends by stating his commitment "that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." What ideal is he expressing? (From The Gettysburg Address)
What does perish mean? (From The Gettysburg Address)
take away from.
To detract means to? (From The Gettysburg Address)
What does resolve mean? (From The Gettysburg Address)