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Randy Smith Rights & Responsibilities

Use this to help learn the important parts of the district's handbook.
List 2 responsibilities that students have according to the School-Parent Compact. P. iii
Come to class on time.
Dress appropriately.
Give school full attention.
Participate fully in class.
Complete assignments.
Respect rights of others.
Inform an adult about bullying. (more on p. iii
Can school safety personnel conduct locker searches?
p. 13
Yes, Lockers are the property of the school and can be searched.
If a student is more than 10 minutes late for a class is it a tardy or an absence? P. 4
An absence.
What three discipline categories follow you from year to year, regardless of when they were committed? P. 14
Serious Safety Violations
If a student misuses or damages a school computer, they could get an "f" for the class. What happens the second time? P. 20/21
Minimum of 3 day suspension and loss of computer use for the semester
Name 4 types of bullying.
p. 22
Physical - punching, hitting,
invasion of space...
Verbal - teasing, gossiping, rumors...
Emotional -rejection, humiliation, ...
Sexual - physical, "pantsing"...
What are the consequences for Bullying? P. 22
1st time- up to 10 days suspended
2nd time - minimum 10 days sus.
3rd time - recommend Expulsion
Can students be held after school hours for disciplinary reasons? P. 30
List 2 examples of "disruptive behavior." P. 18
Persistent arguing
Extraordinary &/or distracting noises
Wearing disruptive clothing
Inappropriate use of cell phones
Gang-Related behavior
If a student is suspended, can they come back after school hours? P. 17
No. A suspended student may not be present on any school grounds, for any reason.
Does it matter who started the fight? p. 22
No. a fight is a physical conflict between two or more individuals, regardless of who initiated the conflict.
What is the consequence for a first fight? P. 23
Minimum of 3 days suspension
If a student has a knife over 3 inches in length, what is the consequence? p. 25
Recommendation for Expulsion
If a student refuses a search or screening for drugs/alcohol, what is the consequence? p. 25 & 26
The student receives the same consequence as if it had come back positive.
How long must a student be out of school for disciplinary reasons for it to be considered an expulsion? P. 30
More than 10 days.
What are the three main parts of due process for students? p. 31
Student Must:
1. be notified of the offense.
2. Receive an explanation of the evidence.
3. Have an opportunity to explain him or herself
Student have the right to dress in a manner that what? p. 1
Expresses an ethnic, religious, or political point of view
Typically, when is dress considered inappropriate? P. 1
When it is "unusual" enough to distract either other students or the teacher from educational activities.
Is a student allowed to carry an inhaler? p.7
Yes, an inhaler is allowed to be carried by a student.
List 2 behaviors that are categorized under "general Dishonesty." p. 18
Forging signatures
False accusations
False identification
Willful withholding of info.
Hampering an investigation
What is insubordination? P. 19
Behavior that intentionally disregards a specific directive given by any staff member
Can a student be suspended for having something that looks like a drug, but is not illegal? p. 25
Yes. "Controlled substances" includes any substance designed or intended to look like or represent a controlled substance.
True or False
Riding the bus is a right that students have? P. 10
False. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. It can be removed due to bus misconduct.