18 terms

FRA 5th Science Types of Energy

The ability to CAUSE CHANGE is _____________
kinetic energy
__________________ is energy in motion
kinetic energy
____________________depends on the mass and speed of the object
potential energy
_____________________ is energy stored in the position of the object
potential energy
______________________depends on the mass and the height of the object
chemical energy
_________________ is stored in the bonds between atoms of molecules
radiant/light energy
_____________ or ___________energy is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves
electrical energy
____________________ is the energy of electrical charges as a result of their position or motion
_______________energy when you ride a bike or skateboard
___________________energy is formed when waves vibrate through a medium
Surfing the internet or listening to the radio are examples of ______________ energy
Forms of energy
____________ ___ ___________ include light, heat, sound, electricity and nuclear energy
elastic potential energy
Energy stored when you stretch a rubber band is _________________________
gravitational potential energy
Energy stored by objects due to their position above the Earth's surface is _________________
Mass and height
What are 2 things above the earth that affect an objects gravitational potential energy?
gravitational potential energy
What is GPE?
Changes don't have to involve alot of ________
Kinetic energy can be changed into ______________ energy