21 terms

review of maps and globes-3rd grade

St. Henry-Ms. Biga
north america, south america, europe, asia, africa, australia, antarctica
Name the 7 contintents
pacific ocean, indian ocean, atlantic ocean, arctic ocean
Name the four oceans
a model of the earth
one of the seven bodies of land
a flat drawing of the earth
one of the four bery large bodies of water
cardinal directions
north, south, east, west
intermediate directions
northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
compass rose
a figure that shows directions on a map
anything that stands for something else (on maps, symbols stand for real items/things)
Map key
the small box on a map that contains and explains symbols on the map.
The poles tell which directions are north and south
Why is knowing where the poles are located helpful in studying a globe?
a globe is round; it is a more accurate model of the Earth as the Earth is round. Maps are flat representations of the Earth
Why are globes a better way of seeing the Earth than maps?
How many continents does the earth have?
North America
On what continent do we live
Pacific and Atlantic
What two oceans border North America
directions on a map
What information does a compass rose show
It uses letters and arrows
How does a compass rose show dirctions?
map keys explain symbols on a map
How do map keys help us to use maps?
a map that shows different landforms on Earth
What is a landform map?
a map that has numbered and lettered lines to help find things and places
What is a grid map