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  1. Energy
  2. Mechanical Energy
  3. Electrons forming the electron cloud around the nucleus of an atom occupy regions of space called...
  4. States of Matter
  5. Radioisotopes
  1. a electron shells
  2. b is defined as the capacity to do work, or to put matter into motion.
  3. c exists in solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Examples of each state are found in the human body.
  4. d is energy directly involved in moving matter.
    Example: When riding a bike, your legs provide the mechanical energy the moves the pedals.
  5. e The process of atomic decay is called radioactivity, and isotopes that exhibit this behavior are called...

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  1. Neutrons
  2. Carbohydrates that are made up of two monosaccharides
  3. is the form stored in the bonds of chemical substances. Example: may be found in the food we eat
  4. a compound
  5. is the smallest unit resulting from the chemical bonding of two or more atoms.

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  1. Carbohydrates are stored in the form ofGlycogen


  2. Substance present in smaller amountssolvent


  3. What form of energy is used to transmit messages from one part of the body to another?Chemical energy- as you digest food (metabolism) it is broken down and ATP is formed to power processes in the body.


  4. TriglyceridesCarbohydrates that are made up of two monosaccharides


  5. Lipidsare insoluble in water but dissolve readily in organic solvents such as alcohol. contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.


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