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  1. marginalisation
  2. ethnicity
  3. worldview
  4. culture
  5. enculturation
  1. a way we see the world due to the groups we identify with; filtering lens that selects, evaluates, organises and interprets information from the external environment
  2. b unconscious learning of cultural values/practices through social interaction
  3. c shared cultural practices or beliefs common to a racial or national group
  4. d exclusion from meaningful participation in mainstream society; identified as being at the fringes or "margins" of society
  5. e relatively specialised lifestyle of a group of people consisting of their values, beliefs, artefacts, ways of behaving and communicating

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  1. special, distinctive and enduring characteristic of a social entity
  2. acquisition of facility in cultural practices through trial and error
  3. detailed verbal message; direct style; reflective or a more individualistic, compartmentalised view of life
  4. process whereby individuals or groups make claims about their self conceptions, identify with others' identity claims and invite significant others to ratify these claims
  5. set of symbols that we choose to use to make sense of reality; these select the reality that we see

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  1. assimilationprocess whereby people lose their cultural identity and blend into wider society


  2. integrationresponse to diversity that acknowledges cultural difference and fosters full, equal participation in all dimensions of society


  3. discourseways of thinking that are largely unquestioned but widespread and universal


  4. high context communicationless explicit verbal message; indirect style, status-oriented; importance given to experiences, rituals, social protocols, tradition and history


  5. raceways of behaving driven by fundamental beliefs and identity positions