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  1. culture
  2. stereotypes
  3. identification
  4. acculturation
  5. identity
  1. a collection of false assumptions about the members of other cultural groups
  2. b special, distinctive and enduring characteristic of a social entity
  3. c relatively specialised lifestyle of a group of people consisting of their values, beliefs, artefacts, ways of behaving and communicating
  4. d acquisition of facility in cultural practices through trial and error
  5. e process whereby individuals or groups make claims about their self conceptions, identify with others' identity claims and invite significant others to ratify these claims

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  1. visible, physical characteristics of a group that are identifiable and inherited
  2. less explicit verbal message; indirect style, status-oriented; importance given to experiences, rituals, social protocols, tradition and history
  3. shared cultural practices or beliefs common to a racial or national group
  4. detailed verbal message; direct style; reflective or a more individualistic, compartmentalised view of life
  5. process whereby people lose their cultural identity and blend into wider society

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  1. terministic screenset of symbols that we choose to use to make sense of reality; these select the reality that we see


  2. prejudicenegative feelings such as fear, anxiety or aversion associated with a particular group


  3. enculturationacquisition of facility in cultural practices through trial and error


  4. marginalisationways in which individuals learn norms, values and skills necessary to operate in a particular environment


  5. integrationseparation of racial or ethnic groups in daily life, with no wish to foster inter-relationships