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Army Maintenance

What is the purpose of Army Maintenance?
To regenerate combat power
What are the three levels of War?
Strategic, Operation, Tactical
What is the one Army Standard for Maintenance?
All equipment meets the standards laid our in the appropriate technical manual.
What happens at Field Level Maintenance?
Replacement "on-system"
What happens at Sustainment Level Maintenance?
Repair "off-system"
What are the objectives of the Army Oil Analysis Program?
Improve operational readiness, promote safety, detect pending component failures, conserve lubricating and hydraulic fluids
What are the two types of Modification Work Orders?
Mandatory and Routine
Typically, when does and operational readiness float occur?
When there is an exceptionally long wait time for a repair to battle damaged combat equipment.
What does a battle damage assessment repair accomplish?
Rapidly restores disabled equipment to combat or allows for self-recovery.
What does a technical inspection accomplish?
Used to verify serviceability and economic repairability.
What is a maintenance collection point (MCP)?
a place where maintenance assets are consolidated, focusing on repairing equipment and returning it to the user and the fight.
What is the unit maintenance collection point (UMCP)?
Located at the (Combat Train Command Post) CTCP, it is the first location where equipment is recovered to when repairs cannot be done at the point of failure. (Also the first location of the equipment evacuation process).
Who is responsible for recovery?
Using units
What is evacuation
Moving equipment from one level of maintenance to a higher level of maintenance.
What types of equipment cannot be used for a controlled exchange?
ORF or equpment under investigation.
What are two maintenance principles
Replace forward repair rear and anticipate maintenance requirements.
What are the 4 methods of support?
Forward, area, backup and passback
What makes up rhe SAMS-E system?
A laptop and printer
What are three types of TAMMS records?
Operational, Historical and Maintenance
What form is sued for a operator's permit?
DA 5984
What form is used for a dispatch?
DA 1970/5987
What form is used for an equpment qualification record?
DA 348
What formi s used for equipment inspection?
DA 2404/5988
What form is used for maintenance requests?
DA 2407/5990