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Syllabus, Chapter 1, and Lecture 1


If a student is highly or repeatedly disruptive or disrespectful, they will be ____ from the class.


You are allowed ____ absences over the course of the semester.


For each absence beyond 3, ____ points will be deducted from your final grade in the class.


If you stop coming to class completely, you should ____ from the class, so that you avoid failing the class.


The last day to withdraw from this class is March __.


There are ____ short paper assignments due during the course of the semester.


True or false: All assignments (papers, Quizlets) must be turned in at the beginning of class (or earlier).


True or false: The final exam is comprehensive.


True or false: If you miss a test or turn in an assignment late, you will be allowed to make it up at a later time.


True or false: A large part of your grade is determined by whether you come to class prepared and ready to participate.


The scientific study of thought and behavior.

understand predict control

The goals of psychology are to ____, ____, and ____ thought and behavior.


Science (including psychology) is not innately positive or negative, but is a neutral ____ that can be used either to do positive or negative things.


My ____ hurts.

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