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The most fervent puritans believed that the church of england was corrupt because it did not restrict its memberhsip to visible saints who had experienced conversion.


The puritans all wanted to break away from the Church of England and establish a new "purified" church


The large, separist Plymouth Colony strongly influenced Puritan Massachussetts Bay.


Massachussetts Bay restricted the vote of elections to the General court to adult male members of the Congregtional Church


Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were both banished for organizing political rebellions against the Massachusetts Bay Authorities


Rhode island was the most religiously and politically tolerant of the new england colonies


The Wampanoag people of New England initially befriended the English Colonists


Edmund Andro's autocratic Dominion of New England was overthrown in connection with the Glorious Revolution in England.


King philips war enabled New Englands Indians to recover their numbers and morale


New York became the most democratic and economically equal of the middle colonies


Dutch New Netherland was conquered in 1664 by Sweden. False it was captured in 1664 by england.


William Penn originally wanted his Pennsylvania colony to be settled exclusively by his fellow Quakers. False.. he founded pennsylvania as a refuge for quakers but all were welcome


Later non Quaker immigrants to Pennsylvania welcomes the peaceful relations with the Indians established by William Penn's policies.


The middle colonies broad, fertile river valleys enabled them to develop a richer agricultural economy than that of new England


The middle colonies were characterized by tightly knit, ethically homogeneous communities that shared a common sense of religious purpose

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