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harmonic function is associated with...

the scale degree on which it is built

major triads are identified with ___

uppercase roman numerals

minor triads are identified with ___

lowercase roman numerals

the diminished triad is identified with ___

a superscript circle

an augmented triad is identified with ___ and you only see it when

a +, you're in the harmonic or melodic minor

diatonic triads

use pitches found in the key

subtonic triad

the chord built on the 7th scale degree in natural minor

chords that are different from natural minor in the harmonic minor

those that contain scale degree 7

when you compare the major and harmonic minor, the triads on what two scale degrees are the same?

dominant, leading-tone (5, 7)

qualities of triads on major scale degrees

M, m, m, M, M, m, dim

qualities of triads on natural minor scale degrees

m, dim, M, m, m, M, M

qualities of triads on harmonic minor scale degrees

m, dim, A, m, M, M, dim

qualities of triads on melodic minor scale degrees

m, m, A, M, M, dim, dim

qualities of seventh chords in major scale degrees

MM7, mm7, mm7, MM7, Mm7, mm7, dimm7

how is a half-diminished chord recognized in roman numeral form?

a superscript circle with a slash

qualities of seventh chords in harmonic minor scale degrees

mM7, dimm7, AM7, mm7, Mm7, MM7, dimdim7

which chords are the same in major and minor?

V, V7, vii(dim)

figured bass

shorthand of the bass line and figures

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