Other ways to say LOOK

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glowerlook very angry, annoyed or threateningpeerlook very carefully, as if not able to see wellpeeplook quickly and cautiouslyobservewatch carefullyglimpsehave a passing view of something or someone Usually used in the expression to catch a glimpse of somethingspotrecognize someone suddenly among many othersbeholdold use of the verb to seeview(technical) look thouroughly; regard, considersightsee for the first timeleerlook in an unpleasant way, suggesting ill will or lustblinkshut and open the eyes quicklywinkclose one eye briefly, as a signal to somebodyfrownlook in a worried or angry way, moving down the eyebrows togetherscowfrown angrilysquintlook with eyes half shut or turned sideways, or through a narrow openingpeeklook quickly and secretivelyoglelook or stare (at a woman) suggesting sexual interestgogglelook with the eyes wide open in surprise or shock (old-fashioned)eyeballlook directly or closelytake a gander at something(informal) look at somethingcast an eye on/over somethinglook at something, examine somethingbrowselook through the pages of a book or magazine; look at the goods in a shop without really wanting to buy anythingscrutinizeexamine thoroughly and carefully