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Sociology Gender Inequality


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infant mortality
death of a child before the age of one
gender typing
when a child becomes aware of how they are "supposed" to act
gender socialization
how boys are supposed to act
gender stratification
organization of society that disadvantages women
Rosie the Riveter
women worker during WW2 who produced war supplies
June Cleaver
model mother...how women were supposed to be (stay home moms)
males holds power
doctrine of coverture
women were the property of men
doctrine of separate spheres
employers could not hire women
rule of thumb
the husband could beat his wife with any object thats width is not wider than that of his thumb
surgically removing part of one's frontal lobe so they become submissive
pink collar jobs
jobs traditionally held by women
second shift
labor done at home after a normal job
love labor
doing work for the interest in it, not a reward
downward mobility
movement to a lower status, social class, or income bracket
glass ceiling
women can't get to the top
conversation of energy
women need to conserve energy for childbirth and house work