PH2 Rotors Power train

What are the main rotor subsystems?
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11. The ac generators on the accessory modules also receive oil for what?Cooling12. The oil temperature sensor is also the chip detector located where?Main module, intermediate module, tail rotor module13. What range should oil pressure remain steady in to ensure any fluctuations occur they remain in the acceptable range?45 to 60 psi14. What is used to cool the main transmission oil?Oil cooler fan and the radiator15. What caution appears if a chip detector fails the PBIT during power up?CHIP IBIT FAIL16. The Oil Filter has ___ stages.Two17. Does deactivation of the fuzz burn-off feature disable detection and cautions?No18. The fuzz burn-off feature is deactivated when oil temperature reaches ___°C.?14019. Does the engine have fuzz burn capability?No20. When inspecting the flexible couplings, check for _______, _____, and _____.Buckling, Cracks, and Security .21. The intermediate gear box may run at cruise flight for ___ minutes, with loss of all oil.3022. The tail rotor provides approximately _____ lift.2 ½% total aircraft lift23. If both tail rotor control cables fail, a centering spring will position the tail rotor servo linkage to provide ____˚ of pitch.10.5 ˚24. The tail rotor head and blades are installed on the right side of the tail pylon, canted __° upward.20˚25. One advantage of the wide chord blades is _________________.Better maneuverability26. Each arm of the hub assembly is pre-lagged and pre-coned __° to reduce the torque bending movement from the head and reduce vibrations.727. Pitch control rod bearings are elastomeric and should be inspected for _____/_____ on preflight.Damage/Cracks28. The three control inputs connecting the primary servos to the main rotor swashplate are the _______, ___, and _______ control rods.Forward, Aft, and Lateral29. The rotor brake system is designed to hold the main and tail rotor system during engine starting, with both engines at IDLE and to stop the rotors in approximately ___-___ seconds with 150-180 psi applied at 40% NR during engine shutdown.12-1830. Operating an engine against the gust lock __ _______ on rotor brake equipped helicopters.Is prohibited31. What is the purpose of spring cylinders?Maintain tension on operating cables of T/R Quadrant32. The rotor brake solenoid locks the ______________ in the ground idle position through a locking arm linked to the solenoid.EPCLs