Branding-Governance-Leadership-Management (Day 3)

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governance role-Provides checks and balance -Financial oversight -Policy direction -Hires the CEO -Peripheral visionleadership vs. management: thinking processLeadership: focuses on outcomes; looks outward Management: focuses on process; looks inwardleadership vs. management: goal settingLeadership: articulates a vision; creates the future; sees the big picture Management: executes plans; improves the present; sees the detailsleadership vs. management: employee relationsLeadership: empowers; colleagues; trusts & develops Management: controls; subordinates; directs & controlsleadership vs. management: operationsLeadership: does the right things; creates change; serves subordinates Management: does things right; manages change; serves superiorsleadership mentality vs. management mentality: governanceLeadership Mentality: uses influence; uses conflict; acts decisively Management Mentality: uses authority; avoids conflict; acts responsibly