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His empire was known as______. It spread from the Persian Gulf northward and east to Zagros Mountains

support the army and pay for building projects

Hammurabi sent officials throughout the empire to collect taxes


Early Mesopotamians practiced ______, or the worship of many gods


Religion was closely linked with __________

Each city was believed to be under the protection of a particular god

who looked after its interest

kings were chosen by the god

The Sumerians believed that ___________ to carry out the god's wishes

divine kingship

The idea of _____ the right to rule is god given was first practiced by the sumerians

father to son

In Sumer the right to rule could be passed from ______


About 3200 BC, the Sumerians invented ____ to keep track of these business dealings


was the written language of Sumer


A professional writer, or _____ was hired to complete these records


was a giant leap forward in the development of civilization. People could now record literature, record medical texts, law codes, debates, and wise sayings and write letters

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