20 terms

The Marble Champ

5th Grade open court
She is determined to win
What is true about Lupe's Last girl opponent
Is smart but not good at sports
In the beginnine of the story, you can infer that Lupe...
Lupe's family went to a pizza place.
How did Lupe's family celebrate Lupe's victory?
Get low, aim with one eye and place one knuckle on the ground
What tips does Lupe's brother give her?
Squeeze erasers and push ups on her fingertips
what does Lupe do to get in shape for playing marbles?
She won a trophy and she is good at a sport.
Why is Lupe so happy at the end of the story?
Rachel was alone.
Why does Lupe invite Rachel to join the group at the championship?
the winner of the boys' division
Whom did Lupe play after she defeated Miss Baseball Cap?
rich glass treasures
How are marbles described in the story?
Lupe was the winner of the reading (______) at the public library
She signed up to play her first (_______) at the baseball field number four.
Lupe flicked the marble with all her (_______)
After the championship was over, a dog came running over to see what the (________) was
Lupe dreamed of (_________) glory, but never told her parents about her dreams
strength or eagerness to work
Energy in the story means?
skilled and confident in sports
Athletic in the story means?
a competition
Contest in the story means?
a contest
Match in the story means?
excitement or disturbance
Commotion in the story means?
people who take part in and play against each other
Player in the story means?