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Anatomy and Phisiology 2 Lab

Hormones act at specific target organs because these organs contain ______ specific for the hormones.
Growth hormone, secreted by the _ gland, stimulates growth of bones and muscle by activating intermediary proteins called_.
anterior pituitary, somatomedins
____(hormone) from the anterior pituitary stimulates secretion of cortisol from the adrenal cortex(gland). The anterior pituitary consists of _tissue.
adrenal cortex, glandular
The parafollicular or C-cells of the throid gland produce _, a peptide hormone that lowers plasma calcium levels.
thyroid, calcitonin
Hormones secreted by the pancreatic islets of the pancreas include _ from the alpha cells and __from the beta cells. Which of these hormones raise blood glucose levels?
glucagon, insulin, glucagon
Specialized muscles cells in the heart produce _(hormone), which increases excretion of _ (electrolyte) by the kidneys.
ANP, sodium
___(hormone) promotes the final conversion of vitamin D to __in the kidney.
PTH, calcitriol
_____(hormone) produced by G-cells in teh pyloric antrum stimulates ___secretion in the stomach.
Gastrin, hydrochloric acid
One ventral hypothalamic hormone __ is essential for the stress response and another (__) inhibits release of prolactin.
CRH or cortisol, PIH
____(hormone) is a stimulus for sperm production in the male and maturation of ovarian follicles in the female.
____, secreted by the pineal gland, helps regulate body activities with the light-dark cycle.
The zona glomerulosa of the adrenal cortex primarily produces the hormone ___ which acts on the ___(organ) to increase__(electrolyte) reabsorption.
aldosterone, kidney, sodium
__ __ (gland) is a modified sympathetic ganglion producing the amine hormones known as ____. This category of amine hormones includes both ____ and _____(two hormones).
adrenal medulla, catecholamines, epenephrine, norepenephrine
The __(organ) produces a steroid hormone called ___ in the interstitial cells and a peptide hormone called __ that inhibits FSH.
testes, testosterone, inhibin
Large follicles in this gland (___) contain a protein colloid called ___ from which the hormones __ and ___ are made. These hormones regulate many metabolic functions and are important for nervous systems development and growth.
thyroid, thyroglobulin, t3, t4
pituitary gland is also called the?
Anterior Pituitary releases 6 hormones called
fsh, lh, acth, tsh, gh
fsh and lh are what type of hormones
sex hormones
acth works with what part of the body
adrenal cortex
tsh produces what two hormones
t3 and t4
gh works with what
muscles and bones
prolactin makes what
milk production
posterior pituitary produces two hormones called
oxytocin and adh
oxytocin is involved with what
adh is involved with
water balance
parafollicular cells make what to decrease blood calcium
what increases blood calcium and basically robs the bone of calcium
rides piggy back on thyroid
parathyroid gland
adrenal cortex has three layers called what
zona glomerulosa, zona fasiculata, zona reticularis
zona glomerulosa produces what hormones and is involved with what
aldosterone and salt balance
zona fasiculata is involved with what
cortisol and sugar
zona reticularis is involved with what
androgens (testosterone) and sex
what is the center part of the adrenal gland
adrenal medulla
what produces epinephrine and norepinephrine also known as adrenalin
chromaffin cells
what is a dual function organ that has exocrine and endocrine structures/functions
what cell from the pancreas islets produce glucagons that raise blood sugar
alpha cells
what cell from the pancreas islets produce insulin that lowers blood sugar
beta cells
what aids in t-cell formation and the immune system (wbcs)
what is located in the 3rd ventricle and makes melatonin
pineal gland
what maintains our day and night cycles
what produces testosterone from interstitial cells
what produces estrogens and progesterone