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The Curies

a couple that worked together to make many chemistry and physics developments.Won two nobel prizes

Kaiser Wilhelm 11

last german emperor; was disliked because he soley operated on his own and didn't listen to people; was also very unsuccessful at governing war.


german philsopher who developed socio-political theory of Marxism


composer in the expressionist movement


people that believe government only hinders freedoms and want a government-free society

The Wright Brothers

created the first airplane


proposed the theory of evolution and natural selection


made theories on the unconscious mind and created the clinical way of psychopathology


French post impressionalist artist


best known for developing the first long-lasting lightbulb

cultural imperialism

the domination of one culture over another


art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture


the belief in liberty and equal rights for all citizens


political and social theory that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and ideas


type of government that contols the economy and provides equal distribution of goods among citizens


considered 'father of physics' due to his advancements in physics


the belief in maintaining a strong military force during and not during war times

naval arms race

one of the triggers of the World War; nations were trying to have the biggest naval presences

social Darwinism

the idea that the best genetics survive or the 'survival of the fittest'


the separation of a government, organisation or institution from religion and/or religious beliefs

new middle class

was established because of all of the scientific advancements

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