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Renaissance Art

artists, painters, humanists, etc.
early renaissance architect, San Lorenzo, Cathedral of Florence (greatest building in Early Renaissance)
started St. Peter's Basilica, had a giant circular dome (138 ft. in diameter) greatest building in High Renaissance
paying for art
Medici family
greatest example of patronage in Early Renaissance
greatest example of patronage in High Renaissance
1350; father of early renaissance sculpture; David (bronze); first self standing sculpture in 1000 years
H.R.; Florence; sculptor,painter, architect; Sistine Chapel (Creation, Flood); David (marble)
c.1266-1337; father of renaissance painting; The Ascension; Funeral of St. Francis; uses perspective/facial expressions
Da Vinci
died being the court painter of French king; Mona Lisa; Last Supper; Vitruvian Man
student of Michelangelo; loss of proportion; figures are soft and beautiful; Madonna/Child series; School of Athens; St. George and the Dragon
had a religious conversion from humanism to Christianity; The Birth of Venus
Qualities of the Italian Renaissance-Sculpture/painting
maintained all qualities of Humanism, honored and glorified the Medieval Catholic Church-not religious honor, but fear of damnation over pride
How the Renaissance diffuses to the North
Warfare-Northern conquests of Italy allowed for the pillaging of art; Increased Trade-artistic advances and Renaissance ideals were carried along with goods; Northern merchants sent children to Italian schools to gain Classical Education
Qualities of the Northern Renaissance-painting, woodcuts, literature
possessed all humanist virtues, developed Christian Humanism, critical thinking within society and religion
German; woodcuts; first to sign works; "Here I am a gentleman, at home a sponger; Adoration of the Magi
portraits of Erasmus, More, Henry VIII
Van Eyck
Flemish (from Flanders); 1385-1441; realism; Adoration of the Lamb; Giovanni Arnolfini and Bride
1525-1569;Flemish; focus-common man/landscape; portrayed despairity of social class, all aspects of society have balance, balance in chaos;