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Having spent many years as political opponents, the two senators have developed a(n) ________ respect for each other.


Though they have done nothing to hasten passage of the bill, they haven't tried to ______ the process either.


It takes a special kind of bravery to face the ________ of life in the jungle.


Until it was almost too late, the hunters did not see the leopard crouching in a tree, _________ to leap on them


When the wounded shopkeeper died, the charges against the person who had been arrested were raised from robbery to ________.


Eventually, the army toppled the country's democratic ________ and set up a military dictatorship in its place.


It took the authorities quite some time to put down the riot that a few rash ________ had managed to start.


Although we arrived at the stadium only a few minutes before the game, we found that many good seats were still _______.


Angry at the call, the crowd began to ________ the referee with all kinds of refuse.


Since the seat covers in the car were _______, we could see the attractive pattern of the upholstery underneath.


Most of the homeowners in this area have tried in vain to overcome the ________ of crabgrass that threatens to overrun their lawns.


At the front desk, a(n) ________ guest was angrily complaining about the shabby treatment he had received from the staff of the hotel.


Though the habit of taking a siesta in the afternoon may seen strange to a foreigner, it is quite _________ in this part of the world.


With the emergence of market economies in Eastern Europe have come hordes of ________ seeking business opportunities there.


No one has ever been able to explain to my satisfaction how Indian holy men can walk _______ across beds of hot coals.


Mother prepares wholesome, tasty meals, but she says she is not going to _______ to the special tastes of six different children.


A sense of humor is _______ if you are to cope with all the strains and difficulties of everyday life.


Only a really hard-hearted person could show such _______ to the plight of the homeless who wander our streets.


The guidance counselor tried to ________ me from taking the job because she thought the work would be too pressured for me.


When we _______ the engine of a car, we try to cut down the friction at every point.

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