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Anything connected to your computer

Input devices

to put information into a computer


enter information in the form of words, numbers, and punctuation


you can point to objects, select objects, and move objects


collects information in the form of pictures


input device that usually has buttons that can be pressed to send instructions


used to input audio such as music into a computer

digital camera

captures photographs as digital files that can be uploaded directly to a computer


allows users to connect
external input devices to the computer system

output device

information out of a


information visually, just like a television set


transfer images from a monitor to
paper. For instance, when you key an essay on a computer,
you can then print it out to turn in for class


carries information in the form of sound


The part of the computer that processes
information has many parts that work together


brain of a computer. A computer
makes almost all of its calculations in the microprocessor.
Not all microprocessors are the same

clock speed

the number of calculations the processor can
do each second.


is made of one
microprocessor in small computers


where computers keep their information, comes in
the form of computer chips.


holds information

A storage device

another place where information is kept in a computer

hard drive

is the most widely used secondary storage device. They can be internal or external

floppy disk

contains a small portable disk inside a plastic cover. Floppy disks can hold up to 1.4 megabytes of information

ZIP disk

has a portable disk inside a plastic case. A ZIP disk can hold 100 to 750 megabytes

Flash memory

uses chips to hold information. You can add information to flash memory in large chunks rather than piece by piece, making storage faster and easier than with other types of memor

Optical disks,

use lasers to read and write information


optical disk that can hold up to 1 gigabyte of information


is a CD-ROM that does not yet contain any information


an optical disk that can record information many times


is a group of computers that are connected to each other

Local Area Network (LAN)

is a connected group of computers that are close to one another

Wide Area Network (WAN )

that are not close to each other

operating systems (NOS)

help computers share information

network interface card (NIC

so that the computers can communicate over the network.


manages the flow of information on a network

network topology

actual arrangement of computers
in a network

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