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Economic System

the network of services by which a group of people obtain food, water, shelter, and other material necessities

Political System

the network of governement to ensure the provision of necessities in an orderly and equitable manner.

Human Society

the organization of people into political and social groups to provide the necessities of life.


a people's expression of who they are and what they believe about themselves and the world in which they live, the sum of their art, literature, music, dance, folklore, and religion.


nonreligious; wordly or temporal.


the unknown and unknowable dimension of reality that lies behind and beyond ordinary human experience.


the response a person gives to the mystery of life that is organized, ritualized, and agreed upon by a group of people.


the ordered words and actions of a religious ceremony


without religion


the living of religion on the level of children


describing of gods or goddeses in human forms and possesing human characteristics


the worship of one deity out of several as the special god of one's family, tribe, or clan

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