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science differs from other disciplines, such as history or the arts, because science relies on...
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T or F: if your test results agree with your hypothesism then it means that you calculated your data correctly in your experiment.FT or F: a theory comes from one study which provides evidence to support a fact.FT or F: homeostasis means to obtain and use energyFT or F: metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in a living organismTT or F: anabolism is the building of reactions of molecules in metabolismTT or F: spontanous generation is the idea that all organisms come from other lifeTdescribe Francesco Redi's experiment. What did his experiment help to disprove?the generation of flies on meat in 3 different jars, it helped disprove spontaneous generation.what is placebo, and why is it used?where one group is given something and the other group isnt but neither of them know, it's used to test controls for the variable of a physiological belief.what is a bias? explain why it's an important consideration when interpreting a study.bias is an opinion or belief. it's important to studies because it can impact results if researcher is swayed.give an example of a question that society might have that cannot currently be answered by science (as of today.) why can't this question be answered using the process of scientific methodwill earth still be liveable in 100 years? pollution is constantly changing so they can't predict it.whose experiment helped to confirm that organisms on dust particles in the air are the reason that food spoils, not the air itself? how was how able to to determine this?Loius Pasteur, he tested it by testing broth in s-shaped flasks and air carries particles.can a theory change over time? why or why not?Yes, you can notice different things that might change your mind from gathering more evidence.list atleast 4 questions that could help you determine if something is an organism.can it reproduce? can it grow and develop? is it made of cells? does it need energy and food to survive?the particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom are called?electronsatoms join together to form?moleculeswhich particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?protons and neutronswhich atomic particle carries a negative charge?electronif an atom gains oe loses electrons, it is called a?ionthe smallest unit of a chemical element is an?atomif a molecule is polar it means that it?has a positively charged end and a negatively charged endan example of a type of molecule that is polar is?H20the atomic particles that play a very significant role in chemical bonding are?electronsa covalent bond is formed as the result of?sharing electronsa compound considered to be very acidic could have a pH value of?1a disaccharide is an example of a?carbohydratethe monomer of a protein is known as a?amino acidsimilar to carbohydrates, lipids contain the following elements...carbon, hydrogen, oxygena very basic solution could have a pH of...13according to the lock and ket hypothesis, __ the joins with an enzyme to produce a chemical reaction.substratethe monomer of a carbohydrate is a...monosaccharidelipids are formed by combining ___ and ___...1 glycerol and 3 fatty acidssugars are also known ascarbohydratesfats are also known aslipidsenzymes are...proteinsif a solution has a relatively high concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) it is considered to be a...acidicessential amino acids are..obtained from foodwhich of the following is a polysaccharide?starchstage 1 of protein structure...long colorful stringstage 2 of protein ribbon and curvy box likestage 3 of protein semi tangled strandstage 4 of protein structure...dark and light blue very tangled strand