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  1. osteorrhaphy
  2. scoli/o
  3. primary bone cancer
  4. closed fracture
  5. -lysis
  1. a curved
  2. b loosening
  3. c bone is broke but not pertruding out the skin
  4. d suttering or wireing together of bones
  5. e rare malignant tumor originating in the bone

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  1. loss of bone density
  2. cranium
  3. inflammation of bone and adjacent bone marrow
  4. death of bone tissue due to blood suply
  5. cronic autoimmune disorder in which the joints and sum organs of other body parts are attacked

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  1. arthroplastysurgical repair of a joint


  2. myel/obone marrow


  3. dwarfismcranium


  4. open fracturebone is broke but not pertruding out the skin


  5. spina bifidacongenital defect that occurs during pregnancey spinal canal fails to close completley


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