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  1. -lysis
  2. spina bifida
  3. periostitis
  4. lordosis
  5. osteomyelitis
  1. a inflammation of the periosteum
  2. b inflammation of bone and adjacent bone marrow
  3. c inward curvature of the spine
  4. d congenital defect that occurs during pregnancey spinal canal fails to close completley
  5. e loosening

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  1. another word for club feet
  2. degenerative conditon of the vertibrae
  3. cronic autoimmune disorder in which the joints and sum organs of other body parts are attacked
  4. fracture were bone is twisted
  5. bone marrow transplant were they harvest more marrow using your own

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  1. craniotomycranium


  2. chondroplastysurgical repair of cartilage


  3. lumbagolower back pain


  4. closed fracturebone is broke and coming out the skin


  5. primary bone cancerrare malignant tumor originating in the bone