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  1. fibrous dysplasia
  2. osteorrhaphy
  3. transverse
  4. prothesis
  5. ankyl/o
  1. a fracture straight across
  2. b suttering or wireing together of bones
  3. c a substatute for a diseased or missing body part
  4. d bone disorder of unkown cause that destroys normal bone structure and replaces it with fiborous tissue
  5. e crooked, bent, stiff

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  1. loosening
  2. cranium
  3. degenerative conditon of the vertibrae
  4. partial dislocation bone from joint
  5. deposits or uric acid in the joints

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  1. lordosisoutward curvature of the spine


  2. orthotica substatute for a diseased or missing body part


  3. myelomabone marrow


  4. osteonecrosisloss of bone density


  5. comminutedfracture at slant or angle