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  1. costochondritis
  2. arthr/o
  3. fibrous dysplasia
  4. chondroplasty
  5. osteonecrosis
  1. a joints
  2. b bone disorder of unkown cause that destroys normal bone structure and replaces it with fiborous tissue
  3. c surgical repair of cartilage
  4. d imflammation of cartliage that conets the ribs to the sternum
  5. e death of bone tissue due to blood suply

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  1. cronic autoimmune disorder in which the joints and sum organs of other body parts are attacked
  2. congenital defect that occurs during pregnancey spinal canal fails to close completley
  3. deposits or uric acid in the joints
  4. procedure to make insicion or opening into skull to relive pressure
  5. inward curvature of the spine

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  1. osteomyelitisinflammation of bone and adjacent bone marrow


  2. oste/obursa


  3. spondylosisinward curvature of the spine


  4. -lysisloosening


  5. comminutedfracture at slant or angle