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  1. arthroplasty
  2. lordosis
  3. open fracture
  4. myel/o
  5. osteoporosis
  1. a bone marrow
  2. b bone is broke and coming out the skin
  3. c loss of bone density
  4. d inward curvature of the spine
  5. e surgical repair of a joint

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  1. rare malignant tumor originating in the bone
  2. type of fracture were the bone is crushed or splintered
  3. mechanical appliance such as a brace
  4. degenerative conditon of the vertibrae
  5. another word for bunion

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  1. prothesisoutward curvature of the spine


  2. arthr/ocranium


  3. osteonecrosisdeath of bone tissue due to blood suply


  4. osteorrhaphysuttering or wireing together of bones


  5. lumbagolower back pain