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paleolithic and neolithic time period

who's technology is the study of the industrial arts for their practical values. they work to achieve the most effcient method of production. and used stone and bones as tools?
paleolithics technology
what does paleolithic mean?
time period "per-history." begin with the first humind named "Lucy" in the 1974
what does neolithic mean?
time period after paleolithic "new stone age" (12,000-6,000 years ago)
which time period had a nomadic lifestyle (moving for one place to another)
paleolithics lifestyle
which time period had the lifestyle of agriculture; technology: pottery, textiles, jewelry, copper tools, dismestication(sheep); science: slash and burn meathod of agriculture.
neolithic life style
what time period was it when people learned to grow crops , and the population increased from it.
neolithic time period is when it changed
the first city that was establish in the neolithic time period was _______ and _______, 7000 and 8000 B.C.
Catal Huyuk , Jerico
4 major river civilizations are?
Nile River civilization, Tigris and Euprates, Indus river vally, and yellow river