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paleo indians

ancestors of the Native americans

neolithic revolution

began to domesticate plants and animals


major mayan city


middle america

lake texcoco

aztecs settled here


large aztec city


main aztec god


killed over 80,000 people for a new temple


last aztec leader


sailed the ocean in 1492


first natives columbus encountered

levantines and italians

the middlemen between asia

henry the navigator

sent 15 ships down west coast of africa

bartholomeu dias

rounded the cape of good hope

vasco de gama

made it to india

pedro cabral

discovered brazil

nina, pinta and santa maria

3 ships sailed by columbus


queen of spain


realized asia was much further away than they thought


sailed around south america

inter caetera

divided the world in half

treaty of tordesillas

gave portugal some of the new world

hernan cortes

landed on vera cruz


aztec god


young conquistadors


traveled through the incan mountains

hernando de soto

explored southern us

francisco coronado

look for the 7 cities of gold

columbian exchange

exchange between the old world and the new world

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