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  1. pizzaro
  2. bartholomeu dias
  3. ahuizotl
  4. huitzilopochtli
  5. hidalgo
  1. a main aztec god
  2. b traveled through the incan mountains
  3. c young conquistadors
  4. d rounded the cape of good hope
  5. e killed over 80,000 people for a new temple

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  1. aztecs settled here
  2. ancestors of the Native americans
  3. sailed around south america
  4. look for the 7 cities of gold
  5. explored southern us

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  1. tenochtitlanlarge aztec city


  2. nina, pinta and santa maria3 ships sailed by columbus


  3. henry the navigatorsent 15 ships down west coast of africa


  4. isabellaqueen of spain


  5. columbian exchangeexchange between the old world and the new world