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  1. treaty of tordesillas
  2. magellan
  3. isabella
  4. pizzaro
  5. paleo indians
  1. a gave portugal some of the new world
  2. b ancestors of the Native americans
  3. c queen of spain
  4. d sailed around south america
  5. e traveled through the incan mountains

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  1. landed on vera cruz
  2. exchange between the old world and the new world
  3. made it to india
  4. major mayan city
  5. young conquistadors

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  1. mesoamericamiddle america


  2. inter caeteradivided the world in half


  3. ahuizotlkilled over 80,000 people for a new temple


  4. arawakrealized asia was much further away than they thought


  5. columbussailed the ocean in 1492