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  1. tenochtitlan
  2. vasco de gama
  3. pedro cabral
  4. neolithic revolution
  5. inter caetera
  1. a divided the world in half
  2. b discovered brazil
  3. c began to domesticate plants and animals
  4. d large aztec city
  5. e made it to india

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  1. queen of spain
  2. realized asia was much further away than they thought
  3. rounded the cape of good hope
  4. sailed around south america
  5. landed on vera cruz

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  1. quetzacoatlaztec god


  2. nina, pinta and santa maria3 ships sailed by columbus


  3. pizzaroyoung conquistadors


  4. hidalgorealized asia was much further away than they thought


  5. levantines and italiansthe middlemen between asia