recording arts

what occurs in the mind
Vibration which enter the ear are changed into electro-chemical impulses which the mind interprets as ______
frequency(measured in hertz)
vibrations per second
20 hz -20,000 hz
the human threshold of hearing
440 hz
reference frequency for music
harmonic series
the series of notes heard when a note is played- same note heard but octaves above
the fundamental prominent note heard
the volume of a note
the other notes heard when a note is played(there frequency determines the timbre)
unit of measure for volume
10 decibels
the increase in volume to sound twice as loud
the occurrence of volume in music
dynamic range
the measurement between the softest volume and the loudest volume in music
envelope pattern
the relation between volume and time
an electronic device that turns a microphoen on and off when volume falls below a certain threshold
a quick peak in volume
signal to noise ratio
when a louder noise masks another noise
a device that is connected between the microphone and recorder which gets rid of transients
the frequency response of an environment
frequency response
how and environment alters frequency content of the sound source
flat environment
an environment where all frequencies decay at the same rate
standing waves
the frequencies that take longer to decay than the others
pink noise
all the frequencies at the same volume
spectrum analyzer
device which analyzes the frequency response of a room
a device used to equalize the defects in music
hear field monitoring
monitoring closely(ear to speaker
analogue recording
a method which captures energy that is vibrations relative to time in a continuous format is called____
digital recording
a method which captures energy in an noncontinuous format by taking many samples
16 bit depth
the bit depth that cd's are recorded at
1 bit recording
a speaker with 2 positions(all the way out and half way in)
sampeling rate
how many snap shots per second a recorder
the sampeling rate for a standard cd
rounding off to one of the closest 2^16(based on a cd) different positions of a speaker, which digital recording does
sampeling rate of a super cd or dvd
bit depth of a super cd or dvd
analogue to digitial converter(a/d)
device that converts electric energy to a binary language
when two pitches are very close together the wavering affect is called____
when two close frequencies are produced simultaneously at the same volume - the higher frequency is perceived as being louder
ghost tone or combination tone
when two harmonically related tones are exactly in tune and blend so well that a third pitch is heard, this noexistent pitch is called a____
signal to noise ratio
a good analogue recording will have no distortion and mask most of the hiss with a good_______