Informatics Exam 3 Jeopardy

what 3 standards in telehealth were developed by the ATA?
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name 4 chronic diseases that can benefit from telenursingcardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, and chronic renal failurea tool the nurse manager might use for budgets and variance reportsspreadsheetthis type of record allows clients to access their own healthcare informationpersonal health record (PHR)the government site most appropriate to use when researching information on patient satisfactionCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS)provides information to clinicians to inform decisions about health care and prevents medical errorsClinical Decision Support System (CDSS)backbone of the clinical and business portion of most hospital systemsAdmission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT)name one of the 7 principles of quality undergraduate education with e-learningthe importance of faculty-student contact, collaborative learning among students and faculty, active learning techniques, opportunities for students to practice learning and receive feedback, learning strategies that help students, high faculty expectations for student learning, respect for various learning styles in individuals.national database that maintains data on structure, process, and outcomes of nursing careNational Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is an example of which type of e-learning?drill and practice2 systems that assist in managing patient flow throughout the hospitaltracking system solutions and voice communication systemsthis site contains up-to-date scientific evidence on clinical topicsNational Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)a part of the closed-loop safe medication administration; uses bracelet with a barcode to ID patientpositive patient identifier (PPID)name of tool used to collect survey of patients' and families' experiences with healthcare; data maintained by CMSConsumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems, Hospital Survey (HCAHPS)delivers real-time information on key performance indicators; informs managementdashboardsconnecting with others with similar health conditionssupport groupthis type of record is interoperable, and can contain multiple EMRs and the PHRelectronic health record (EHR)the doctor performing surgery via robotics in a remote location is an example of what?telepresencewhat criteria must a simulation have to count as a live clinical? (hint: there are 5)comparable, provided by formally trained faculty, sufficient faculty-student ratio, theory-based debriefing, realistic environmentused to integrate financial, patient, and quality data to produce predictive analyticsbusiness intelligence or healthcare data analyticssystem that allows a clinician to place an orderComputerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)what is the major concern associated with smart card use?securitysystem where personnel competencies, certifications, and evaluations would be kepthuman resource management systemname 1 benefit of the patient's PHRenhanced collaborative care, better management of disease, or more personalized caremapping a process in patient care, to look for areas of opportunityflowchartinginteractive tutorials, simulations, instructional games, and case studies are examples of which level of Bloom's learning assessments?applicationname at least 2 of the groups that may benefit from store and forward technologyradiology, dermatology, pathology, wound carename 3 of the general rules for effective oral communicationeye contact, speak slowly, use plain language, 3-5 essentials, repeat, encourage questions, use pictures, models, drawings, teach-backprogram that provide financial incentives to providers reporting data on quality measuresPQRS or MIPSrefers to huge data sets, to help researchers find patterns and make predictionsBig Datatechnique used to ask the client to explain what you said in their own wordsteach-back methodan e-learning tool that provides the ability to interact with imagesAugmented Realityhealthcare system that is mission-critical to the organizationfinancial system (you want to get paid, right?)a project management software used to track progress easierGantt Chartdiagram that examines relationships amount complex process, "fishbone"cause-and-effect chartselection of systems that are already interfaced from the vendorintegrated interface approachthis telehealth technology allows an image to be captured and sent to another person for interpretationstore and forward technologyname 1 disadvantage of distance learninginstructors and students require the assistance of additional resources, lack of face-to-face contact, may not be suitable for all contents, the technology may contribute to frustrationwhich data site would a nurse find research on quality, access, cost, and information technology?Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)the learning style that requires someone to understand the big picture before the detailsglobalthe use of _ may bridge the gap in mental health in prisoners and rural locationstelemental healthwhich data site contains public microdata from various federal agencies?DataFerrettthe marriage between electronics and educational softwaree-learningwhen selecting a vendor, this is the approach that best meets the needs of each departmentbest-of-breedwhat is the exchange of patient information between 2 sites for improving the patient's health status?telemedicinepatient education is written at this level or below5th gradeconsidered the pioneer in statistical thinking for nursingFlorence Nightingale of course