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World history mr hazards calss test monday 8/29/11

fertile cresent

the arc of land that falls betweeb the persian gulf and the mediterranean sea in southwest asia


land between the rivers

What are two rivers that frane the arc of land

tigris ,euphrates

What were envoirlmental prombles common in this region

flooding and drought

What was one of the first city states



fucntions as like individual country but same culture

Explain how priest and commanders ruled together

the priest would rule durring peaceful times and the commander would take over durring wars if a war lasted a long time the commander would take over completely and the dynesty took over


rulers passing their powers to their sons


belief in many gods

True or false did believe there gods had emotions and were just like them


ture of false did the beliebe in life after death

false the believed that souls went to place of no return

How did life go in sumerian society?

higher class-kings,landholders, and some priest wealthy ,erchants came next ordinary class worked in feilds amd workshops at the lowest calss were the slaves

What were some sumerian science and technology?

historians believe that sumerians invented the wheel the sail and the plow and among the first to use copper

Why did arithmetic and geomorty need be used
articutral inovations

build city walls and buildings and plan iragatinal systems
arches colums rampes amd pyrimid shape desings were some

What was the form of writting sumerians created


tell me some about sargon of akkad

around 2350 b,c this guy sargon conqured sumer and its citystaes his dystenyt lasted only 200 years


city-state ruled by one person


Babylonian king who made the laws of Sumer and Mesopotamia

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