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  1. Scrupulous
  2. Phonology
  3. Dissemble
  4. Forthright
  5. Philology
  1. a 1. Having strict principles; acting in strict regard for what is right and proper
    2. Conscientious and exact; painstaking
  2. b Direct; with complete disclosure and honesty; without evasion
  3. c The study of the history of language
  4. d To disguise or conceal one's feelings or motives behind a false appearance
  5. e The sound system of a language; the study of such a sound system

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  1. Clear and precise, expressed in few words
  2. Kept or done in secret, often to conceal an illegal or improper purpose
  3. To depict falsely, to misrepresent
  4. 1. The set of inflected forms of a word
    2. A model or framework that sets forth a way of viewing things, excpectially in an intellectual discipline
  5. 1. The study and art of using language effectively and persuasively
    2. Speech that is elaborate, pretentious, or insincere

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  1. OrthographyThe study of letters and spelling system of a language


  2. NefariousOpenly or notoriously wicked; infamous


  3. PerfidiousDisloyal; treacherous


  4. SyntaxThe arrangement of words to form grammatical sentences


  5. Inflection1. Alteration in pitch or tone of voice
    2. The addition of an affix to a word or a change in the form or the word


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