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  1. Perfidious
  2. Rejoinder
  3. Phonology
  4. Philology
  5. Scrupulous
  1. a An often witty or critical response to a reply; an answer
  2. b 1. Having strict principles; acting in strict regard for what is right and proper
    2. Conscientious and exact; painstaking
  3. c The study of the history of language
  4. d Disloyal; treacherous
  5. e The sound system of a language; the study of such a sound system

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  1. Openly or notoriously wicked; infamous
  2. Pretending to be unaware or unsophisticated; insincere or calculating; not telling the whole truth
  3. Not genuine; lacking authenticity or validity; false
  4. Direct; with complete disclosure and honesty; without evasion
  5. The study of letters and spelling system of a language

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  1. Belie1. A word that looks like and is related to another word. A different language
    2. Having the same source, origin, or ancestor
    3. Similar in function or character


  2. DissembleTo depict falsely, to misrepresent


  3. InflectionOpenly or notoriously wicked; infamous


  4. ParadigmComplete and confirmed integrity; uprightness


  5. RhetoricTo depict falsely, to misrepresent