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  1. Calvin Coolidge
  2. Mass media
  3. Aimee Semple McPherson
  4. Duke Ellington
  5. Palmer Raids
  1. a Fundamentalist - Evangelist who gained notoriety as she preached the fundamentalist message nationwide over the radio - theatrical woman who dressed in white robes to preach.
  2. b Radio, movies, newspapers, and magazines aimed at a broad audience. Allowed people in the 1920s to share in a common American experience and spread the new ideas and attitudes of the time.
  3. c United States jazz composer and piano player and bandleader
  4. d 1920: a series a government raids on suspected radicals' homes and businesses in the United States led by the U.S. attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer
  5. e Took the presidency when Warren Harding died. Tried to separate himself from the former presidential scandals.

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  1. The best known poet of the Harlem Renaissance, he protested racism and acts of violence against African Americans.
  2. U.S. Attorney General who directed the FBI and federal agents to conduct raids on suspected Communists after his house got bombed
  3. A brilliant African American musician who helped create jazz
  4. The term describing the ban of manufacture, sell, and transportation of alcohol. Was made a nationwide law by the 18th Amendment.
  5. Republican president who was elected in 1920 on the platform "return to normalcy"

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  1. Sacco and VanzettiTwo Italian anarchists who were convicted of murder and robbery with questionable evidence and a biased judge. The trial is an example of growing nativism during the 1920s.


  2. Ernest HemingwayNovelist who wrote The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms, criticizing the glorification of war.


  3. Emergency Quota ActDefense attorney for John Scopes, defended Darwin and his idea of Evolution in the Scopes Monkey Trial


  4. Teapot Dome Scandala government scandal involving a United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to private oil companies in 1921 by Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall; became symbolic of the scandals of the Harding administration


  5. communismAn economic system in which the government is in control of the economic system and there is no private ownership of the means of property. Russia became communist in 1917, which led to the Red Scare in the United States in 1919.