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  1. descibe some of the features that characterize the study of psychology today
  2. who established the first psychological laboratory
  3. Descibe the functionalist approach to psychology
  4. Describe industrial/organizational psychiatrists
  5. Explain the importance of mainting a skeptical stance regarding claims in pyschology and other fields
  1. a to learn how people produce useful behaviors
  2. b Wilhem Wundt
  3. c it is necessary to analyze people's personality from small samples of their behavior
  4. d study peoples behaviors at work
  5. e psychology today ranges from the study of simple sensory processes to interventions intented to change whole communites cognitive psychologists today carefully meausre the accuracy and speed of responses under many situations to draw interences about the process. another field is neuroscience. psychologists today have also broadened their scope to include more of human diversity

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  1. How people can strength good habits? How does an intention lead to action?
  2. he studied psychology of the sense organs to cultural differences in behavior with emphases on motivation, voluntary control, and cognitive processes
  3. brought about because of its unanswered questions left by ticherner people quested behaviors not experiences suddenly
  4. studying behaviorists found advantages with studying nonhuman animals to have more control. also nonhuman learning is simplier to understand. studied rates in mazes
  5. idea implied that each species has specializations adapted to its own way of life but also that all vertebrate species have many basic features in common. it also implied that nonhuman animals should exhibit varying degress of human characterists including intelligence

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  1. What are the career prospects for someone who chooses to study psychologyin 1900 it was more open to women thatn other academic fields but the opporutinites were still limited


  2. describe the school of psychology that he establish (Tichener)for psychological research


  3. Describe what learning and motivation psychologists dostudy how behavior depends on the outcomes of past behaviors and current motivations


  4. Describe what evolutionary psycholgists doExplains behavior in terms of evolutionary history of the species, including reason evoultion might have favored a tendency to act in particular ways


  5. Descibe school psychologyspecializes in the psychological condition of students