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  1. Descibe the functionalist approach to psychology
  2. who is considered the founder of behaviroism and what is it
  3. Describe what evolutionary psycholgists do
  4. Describe forensic psychology
  5. How were behaviorism studies conducted
  1. a to learn how people produce useful behaviors
  2. b Explains behavior in terms of evolutionary history of the species, including reason evoultion might have favored a tendency to act in particular ways
  3. c studying behaviorists found advantages with studying nonhuman animals to have more control. also nonhuman learning is simplier to understand. studied rates in mazes
  4. d John B. watson- a field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurebale behaviors and not a menal process
  5. e provide adice and consultation to the justice systme

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  1. it is necessary to analyze people's personality from small samples of their behavior
  2. the approach of structalism- an attempt to describe the structures that compose the mind
  3. the philosophical question of how experience relates to the brain. Scientists see brain activity using the technique called PET. It shows that neither brain activity nor mental activity causes the other; rather, brain activity and mental activitity are they same thing
  4. study peoples behaviors at work
  5. he taught at cornell where he had students use a stimulus and he asked his subjects to analyze it into its seperate feautures

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  1. What is the difference between clinical pyschologists and psychoanalystspsychologists study systematic behavior and experience while psychiatrists deal with mental distrubances


  2. What did Galton contribute to the history of intelligence measurement in humansGalton examined role of heredity in human achievemnt, tried to meausre intelligence using simple sensory and motor tasks, but didnt work. invented a weather map, measured degress, suggested fingerprintes to identify individuals


  3. Who established functionalist psychology?William James


  4. What are other types of mental health professions? describe their trainingpsychologists study systematic behavior and experience while psychiatrists deal with mental distrubances


  5. Describe what social psychologists dostudies how an individual influences other people and how the group influences an individual