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  1. name some prominent women in psychology and their contributions
  2. who established the first psychological laboratory
  3. Briefly descibe some of the history of inteligence measurement in human
  4. Descibe the functionalist approach to psychology
  5. why was the psychological lab established
  1. a to learn how people produce useful behaviors
  2. b Wilhem Wundt
  3. c mary calkins was an early memory reasearcher= regarded as Harvards greatest student but had no PhD because she was a women. was president of the American psychological association. today women recieve about 2/3 of the psychology PhDs in the US and Euro
  4. d 1905 Alfred Binet devised the 1st useful intelligence test. pyschologists developed tests of personality, interests.
  5. e for psychological research

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  1. How people can strength good habits? How does an intention lead to action?
  2. it is necessary to analyze people's personality from small samples of their behavior
  3. John B. watson- a field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurebale behaviors and not a menal process
  4. tries to explain behavior in terms of biological factors, such as electrical and chemical activities in the nervous system, the effects of drugs and hormones, genetics, and evolutionary pressures
  5. he studied psychology of the sense organs to cultural differences in behavior with emphases on motivation, voluntary control, and cognitive processes

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  1. What did Galton contribute to the history of intelligence measurement in humansGalton examined role of heredity in human achievemnt, tried to meausre intelligence using simple sensory and motor tasks, but didnt work. invented a weather map, measured degress, suggested fingerprintes to identify individuals


  2. what was the role of women in the early years of psychologythe approach of structalism- an attempt to describe the structures that compose the mind


  3. Who established functionalist psychology?William James


  4. Which view do scientists tend to believe? free will or determinism and why?determinism is the assumption that everything that happens has a cause or determinant and free will has the belief that behavior is caused by a person's own chocies.


  5. Descibe school psychologyprovide adice and consultation to the justice systme


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