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  1. How did Darwin's theory of evolution influence psychology
  2. how has the composition of pyschologists changed through the years
  3. Describe forensic psychology
  4. Describe what learning and motivation psychologists do
  5. What are the differences between pyschologists and psychiatrists
  1. a provide adice and consultation to the justice systme
  2. b study how behavior depends on the outcomes of past behaviors and current motivations
  3. c psychologists study systematic behavior and experience while psychiatrists deal with mental distrubances
  4. d have to compete with other majors as well. only 20-25% of people w/ psychology majors have a job in psychology
  5. e idea implied that each species has specializations adapted to its own way of life but also that all vertebrate species have many basic features in common. it also implied that nonhuman animals should exhibit varying degress of human characterists including intelligence

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  1. tries to explain behavior in terms of biological factors, such as electrical and chemical activities in the nervous system, the effects of drugs and hormones, genetics, and evolutionary pressures
  2. studies how an individual influences other people and how the group influences an individual
  3. mary calkins was an early memory reasearcher= regarded as Harvards greatest student but had no PhD because she was a women. was president of the American psychological association. today women recieve about 2/3 of the psychology PhDs in the US and Euro
  4. An example of how differences in behavior relate to differences in heredity and environment. EX: Why do most little boys spend more time than little girls with toy guns and trucks and less time with dolls?
  5. the approach of structalism- an attempt to describe the structures that compose the mind

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  1. Describe ergonomicsspecializes in the psychological condition of students


  2. descibe some of the features that characterize the study of psychology todaypsychology today ranges from the study of simple sensory processes to interventions intented to change whole communites cognitive psychologists today carefully meausre the accuracy and speed of responses under many situations to draw interences about the process. another field is neuroscience. psychologists today have also broadened their scope to include more of human diversity


  3. what studies were conducted therewant to make sure equipment runs efficently and and safely


  4. Descibe school psychologyprovide adice and consultation to the justice systme


  5. what was the role of women in the early years of psychologyin 1900 it was more open to women thatn other academic fields but the opporutinites were still limited