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  1. Describe industrial/organizational psychiatrists
  2. Describe what developmental pyschologists do
  3. name some prominent women in psychology and their contributions
  4. Idnetify a question that a psychologist studying psychopysics would try to answer
  5. Describe forensic psychology
  1. a "what can we learn from animal studies about the mechanisms of intelligent behavior? "how did each species evolve the behavioral tendencies it showed?
  2. b study peoples behaviors at work
  3. c studies how behaviors change with age
  4. d provide adice and consultation to the justice systme
  5. e mary calkins was an early memory reasearcher= regarded as Harvards greatest student but had no PhD because she was a women. was president of the American psychological association. today women recieve about 2/3 of the psychology PhDs in the US and Euro

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  1. Cuisine
  2. he studied psychology of the sense organs to cultural differences in behavior with emphases on motivation, voluntary control, and cognitive processes
  3. John B. watson- a field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurebale behaviors and not a menal process
  4. studying behaviorists found advantages with studying nonhuman animals to have more control. also nonhuman learning is simplier to understand. studied rates in mazes
  5. it is necessary to analyze people's personality from small samples of their behavior

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  1. What did Galton contribute to the history of intelligence measurement in humans1905 Alfred Binet devised the 1st useful intelligence test. pyschologists developed tests of personality, interests.


  2. What were some of the questions William James attempted to answer?Researchers have interview Japanese foregin exchange students who have spend a year in another country and they said they thing they liked the most about the other country was the food because students had access to their hometown foods


  3. describe the school of psychology that he establish (Tichener)he taught at cornell where he had students use a stimulus and he asked his subjects to analyze it into its seperate feautures


  4. descibe some of the features that characterize the study of psychology todayto learn how people produce useful behaviors


  5. Descibe school psychologyprovide adice and consultation to the justice systme