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Human A&P Lab chap1

quiz on chapters 1-4
In the anatomical position, the face and palms are on the ____body surface
the buttocks and shoulder blades are on the ___body surface
the top of the head is the most ___ part of the body
the ears are ___ and ___ to the shoulders and ___ to the nose
medial ; superior; lateral
the heart is ___ to the vertebral column (spine) and ___ to the lungs
anterior; medial
the elbow is ___ to the fingers, but ___to the shoulder
proximal; distal
the abdominopelvic cavity is ___ to the thoracic cavity and ___ to the spinal cavity
inferior; anterior
in humans, the dorsal surface can also be called the ___ surface
in quadruped animals, the dorsal surface is the ___ surface
If an incision cuts the heart into right and left parts, the section is a ___ section
if the heart is cut so that inferior and superior portions result, the section is a ___ section
you are told to cut a dissection animal so that both kidneys are observable in each section. The two sections that will meet this requirement are the ___ and ___ sections
frontal; transverse
a section that demonstrates the continuity between the spinal and cranial cavities is a ___ section
define section
a cut along an imaginary plane through the body wall or organ
median (mid sagittal)plane
goes vertically down the mid section (between breast bone) of the body
frontal plane
goes laterally through the front an back of the body
transverse plane
cuts horizontally through the middle (below the ribs)
pertaining to the fingers
shoulder blade region
anterior aspect of knee
heel of foot
pertaining to the head
describe the standard human anatomical position
body erect, feet slightly apart, palms facing forward, thumbs pointing outward
know the nine regions and where they are located... from left to right 3 across
rt hypochondriac region- epigastric region- left hypochondriac region

right lumbar region- umbilical region- left lumbar

rt iliac region- hypogastric (pubic) region- left iliac region
which cavity needs to be opened for surgery to remove a cancerous lung lobe
thoracic and ventral
cavity- removal of the uterous , or womb
abdominopelvic and ventral
cavity- removal of brain tumor
cranial and spinal
cavity- appendectomy
abdominopelvic and ventral
cavity- stomach ulcer operation
abdominopelvic and ventral
cavity- delivery of pre operative saddle anesthesia
name the muscle that subdivides the ventral body cavity
which organ system would not be represented in any of the body cavities
skeletal, muscular and integumentary
what are the bony landmarks of the abdominopelvic cavity
dorsally, the vertabral column; laterally and anteriorly the pelvis
which body cavity has the least protection to its internal structures?
what is the functions of the serous membranes of the bofy?
they produce a lubrication fluid that reduces friction as organs slide across one another or against the cavity walls during their functioning
orbital cavity
holds the eyes inan anterior facing position
middle ear cavity
houses 3 tiny bones involves in hearing
nasal cavity
contained within the nose
oral cavity
contains the tongue
synovial cavity
lines a joint cavity
body cavities
dorsal body cavity- cranial (superior) cavity, vertebral (inferior)/spinal cavity

ventral body cavity- thoracic(superior) cavity, abdominopelvic (inferior cavity) abdominal (superior) cavity, pelvic (inferior) cavity