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  1. pharyx
  2. apex
  3. lymphoma
  4. agglutination
  5. rhonchus; rhonchi (pl)
  1. a any neoplasm of lymphatic tissue
  2. b apices (pl)
  3. c pharynges (pl)
  4. d snoring; wheezing sound heard on auscultation of the lungs, made by air passing through a constricted lumen
  5. e process by which cells or other particles adhere to each other to form clumps

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  1. blood in the pleural cavity
  2. acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa, also called coryza
  3. inflammation of the tonsils
  4. sarcomata (pl)
  5. deficiency of all types of blood cells

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  1. chymeova (pl)


  2. cervixcervices (pl)


  3. ganglionganglia (pl)


  4. laryngealpertaining to the larynx (the larynx is the organ of sound production)


  5. hemoptysismetastases (pl)


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