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  1. enter/o
  2. splenomegaly (note single 'e')
  3. bronchus
  4. naris; nares (pl)
  5. agglutination
  1. a bronchi (pl)
  2. b combining form for intestines
  3. c process by which cells or other particles adhere to each other to form clumps
  4. d enlarged spleen
  5. e nostril

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  1. pharynges (pl)
  2. cervices (pl)
  3. white blood cell
  4. vertebrae (pl)
  5. acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa, also called coryza

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  1. ovumsemi-fluid of partially digested food


  2. laryngealsarcomata (pl)


  3. alveolus; alveoli (pl)snoring; wheezing sound heard on auscultation of the lungs, made by air passing through a constricted lumen


  4. immunitystate of being protected


  5. chymesemi-fluid of partially digested food


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