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Discourse markers: adverbs and adverbial expressions


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Talking of
To change the direction of a conversation, but making a link with what has just been said
By the way/Incidentally
To introduce something you have just thought of, or to change the subject completely 2x
Actually, As a matter of fact, In fact
To introduce additional surprising or unexpected information 3x
In any case/anyway
To introduce the idea that what you said before is less important than what you are going to say. To return to the main topic after a digression 2x
At least (He is coming or at least he told so)
To introduce a positive point after some negative information. To make what you have just said less deffinite
As I was saying
To return to a previous subject, often after you have been interrupted
On the whole
To generalize
all in all
To say that you are taking everything into consideration
After all (We should buy them. After all, we will never find them anywhere cheaper)
To introduce a strong argument that the other person may not have taken into consideration
To add additional information or arguments
To introduce the most important or fundamental point
To introduce a fact that is very clear to see or understand
I mean
To make things clear or give more details
In other words
To say something again in another way
To say what the result would be if something did not happen or if the situation were different
As far as sth is concerned/As regards sth/Regarding sth
To introduce a new topic or to announce a change of subject
That is to say
To introduce an explanation or clarification of a point you have just made
On (the) one hand/part, on (the) other hand/part
To balance contrasting facts or points