Principles of Instruction and Methods Test 2

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PurposeHomework should have a ...1. Show importance 2. Have variety in the way you assign it 3. Anticipate problems 4. Require neat accurate work 5. Demand that work be on time 6. Suggest available resources 7. Checks ALL homeworkThe teachers responsibility in regards to homework1. Understand the assignment 2. Set a time for study 3. Assume responsibility 4. Study every day 5. Utilize study helps and resources 6. Study efficientlyThe students responsibility in regards to homework1. Learning and homework go together IF you explain it 2. Do not let your homework come become busyworkCautions concerning homework1. Introduce material not accessible to the learner 2. Selection and arrangement of the subject matter 3. Spoken word is more effective than the printed page 4. Personality of the teacher is a stronger force than the text 5. Teacher can deal with a larger class5 Advantages of the Lecture Method1. It fails when the teacher lacks the skill of presenting 2. How can the Oral presentation can be more effective2 Techniques of the Lecture methodContent and presentation2 parts of the oral presentation to consider to make it more effectiveacquiring and preparingthe largest single activity of a teacher90%______% of what you as a teacher do to be successful, you do before you come to class.1. Unsure of yourself 2. Lecture does not fit in the allotted time 3. Material will seem confused, jumbled, and disjointed 4. Relevant material will be overlooked 5. False or misleading information presented5 Consequences of not being prepared10%The introduction should be how much of your time75%The Main body of your lecture should be _____% of your time15%The Conclusion of your lecture should be ____% of your time.Concise Get your class motivated and enthusiastic Give with enough time and not rushed3 qualities of your conclusion1. Known to unknown 2. Invite and ask questions 3. Use visual aids 4. Use examples, anecdotes, transitions, and connections4 things to include in the Content of your lecture1. Should be professional 2. Use them well (good visuals make the lesson, bad ones break it)2 details about visual aids1. Look smart and be professional 2. Dress up rather than dress down 3. Avoid distracting items 4. Your face and hair are the most important4 things to consider about your appearance1. Move and carry yourself boldly 2. Always smile 3. Be yourself3 aspects of body languageEye contact3.5 seconds per person and moveLow and slowYour voice should be...1. Involve your audience 2. Vary your pace 3. Use your voice 4. Use visual aids 5. Use humor 6. Comfortable physical conditions 7. Teach in an informal and intimate way 8. Students need to held accountableLecture checklistHand holding, finger tip touching, playing with rings, hands in pockets, leaving hands in mid air, being in constant motionThings to avoid in your gesturesConvincing the student that he's always wanted to learn something that he never knew he wanted to learnDefinition of motivatinggroup (you motivate them individually)You will never motivate students as a...1. Personal gain 2. Prestige 3. Pleasure in work 4. Security 5. Convenience 6. Peer Pressure 7. Fear7 Basic Human Motivators1) Desire to please God, 2) Desire to be biblically right, 3) Clear conscience3 Spiritual Motivators1. Enjoys the class 2. Mixes hard work with achievement and enjoyment 3. Is someone the students desire to please 4. Has a sense of humor 5. Shows the students that he/she cares by actions and listening 6. Gives the occasional encouraging word 7. Presents material in various ways 8. Stimulates curiosity and shows importance of the subject 9. Acts with enthusiasm and teaches with passion 10. Realizes that failure is a part of success 11. Gives the slow students a taste of success 12. Always positive12 Characteristics of a Motivating TeacherGenesis 16:13 "Thou God seest me" Proverbs 20:11 "Even a child is known by his doings"Why Motivate?When the principal comes On test days You are tired and grouchyYou shouldn't only motivate when1. Spring in your step 2. Positive attitude Do others know your mood?How do you motivate?Eyes, face, verbal, physical, parents, test notesWhat tools do you use to motivate?Stickers, certificates, stuffed animals, time in the back of the room, colored pencils, hats, picture frame, clubs for tests, homework pass, quiz passTangible motivationsintrinsic motivationa desire to perform a behavior effectively for its own sakeextrinsic motivationa desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishmentIntrinsic and extrinsic2 types of motivation